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Review: The Arrangement #10

Book Info:
Title: The Arrangement #10
Kindle Edition 
125 pages
Published by Laree Bailey Press 
Release Date: September 23rd 2013
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Blurb: Volume 10 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

When Avery realizes that her latest client wasn't Sean she doesn't know what to do. This person has invaded her life on a personal level and to make matters worse she doesn't even know who he is. The only good thing that came from it has been seeing Sean again, but now that he's in front of her, she doesn't want to let him go. However, it's time for Avery to stop pretending and move on with her life, and she knows that Sean Ferro will not be part of it.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-10 are on sale now.~

My Review:
I received a copy of The Arrangement #10 for an honest review.

Squeeeeeeee!!!! Holy peanut butter on toast. I have to say this is installment is one of my absolute favorites. Sean was practically in the entire book this time and he was absolutely swoon worthy this time around. No jack ars Sean, no too ignorant for words, no broody Sean! It’s a completely new Sean well not new but all his moments where he’s free and loving are in tenfold this story.

Oh my goodness I fell in love with Sean all over again. There were definitely some sketchy moments where I wasn’t sure about him but man on man I am in love with him all over again. He’s sweet, romantic and protective. So hot! No sexy time in this one but it honestly wasn’t needed with how amazing he was in this story.

Avery is definitely insecure in this story. She’s been jerked around and hurt so many times but she still holds strong. She tries to distance herself from her feelings for Sean but with his sudden change in character definitely throws her for a whirl and she doesn’t know what to aspect except rejection. (Boy oh boy is she in for a surprise)

Naked Guy:
Oh my goodness who the freak knew? I was so not expecting what happens there but had this been me in that situation before hand my mom always told me grab-twist-and-pull. I swear he would not have showed up again in my room. What a major jack ars. Ugh he makes me mad and I am so happy Mel kicked his ever naked behind.

I was getting iffy on this series since it has lasted so long. This latest installment has made me fall in love with this series all over again. H.M. Ward does not disappoint and I am now officially dying to see what happens next. If you haven’t started this series yet you definitely need to. The Arrangement series definitely pulls at the heart strings and has some amazingly relatable characters that are almost impossible to not fall in love with. I also love how I could tell there was overlap with this series and Damaged.

P.S.: Sean *fans self*so yummy!

About the Author:
NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY Bestselling author H.M. Ward is a native New Yorker living in Texas.

Ward was featured in the Washington Post for her debut novel Demon Kissed. Series by H.M. Ward include Secrets, Scandalous, The Arrangement, Demon Kissed, Vampire Apocalypse, and The Secret Life of Trystan Scott.

You can interact with this bestselling author at: Don't want to miss a release date: Text AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828 and get an email reminder on release dates.

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