Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mini Review: Twin Sense

Book Info:
Title: Twin Sense:
First Edition 
44 pages
Release Date: November 23rd 2012 

two boys + two girls = one big mess

As girlfriends of the Taylor twins, Layna and Sherri have only been friends by association. But when Sherri breaks up with Keith (for real this time), and Kevin gives Layna a promise ring (whoa, what?), Layna's whole world spins off balance. She avoids Kevin's unwelcome pressure to commit by spending more time with Sherri.

Without the twins around, Layna and Sherri are tempted to go beyond friendship status. Then Keith tries to win Sherri back, and Kevin apologizes for rushing Layna. Now she's stuck inside a love quadrangle that has her reaching for the consolation cheesecake. The only way to sort out this mess is to make an impossible choice—between the one she wants and the other one she wants—or she might end up with no one.

My Thoughts:
I received a copy of Twin Sense for an honest review.

Layna thinks she’s perfectly happy dating one of the most popular twins in the entire school. Kevin is everything a girl could want he’s smart, funny, rich, gentlemanly everything should be perfect right? Except it’s not now that Kevin gave Layna a promise ring and Layna doesn’t know if she wants it because there’s someone else. Sherri has been dating Keith Kevin’s twin for a while but when they finally break up Layna and Sherri begin to become closer in more ways than just friends. Now Layna has some decisions to make and she needs to make them quick or she’ll lose both of them and end up alone. Want to know who Layna picks? Pick up a copy of Twin Sense to find out.

Huge topic in Twin Sense because Layna doesn’t “put out” and there’s a bet on who can get her virginity the fastest. Layna doesn’t want to give it away unless she’s sure she loves the person and the guy has to wait 6 months. In this story is seems like EVERYONE is like the town horse which is not a good thing.

Ok story I think it kinda fell flat for me because I didn’t really like Layna as a narrator all that much. Keith and Kevin suck so I was happy with the ending.

Thank you Musa Publishing for sending me a copy of Twin Sense to Read!

About the Author:
Lydia Sharp is a novelist and short fiction author who still believes in fairy tales. She lives in Ohio but often visits other worlds through the magic of books. Fortunately these other worlds have Wi-Fi, so Lydia can be reached at any time via email, Twitter, or Facebook. For contact details and a complete list of Lydia's writing credits, visit

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