Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mini Review Request: The Accidental Immortal

Book Info:
Title: The Accidental Immortal
80 pages
Published by Musa Publishing 
Release Date: June 15th 2012

When the Cup of Immortality goes missing in Asgard, will Dani sacrifice her relationship with Rein in order to save his life?

When the Cup of Immortality is stolen in Asgard, anger and suspicion is leveled at Dani Avery. Ordered from Asgard by Odin and –even worse– discovering Prince Rein has been betrothed to Leanna of the Faeries, Dani sets out to find the Cup and save Rein from an unwanted marriage.

Dani, Rein, and Emrys begin their desperate search for the real thief and the missing Cup. Unfortunately, the sultry and self-centered Leanna insists on tagging along, and causes them to run afoul of a ruthless crime boss who will stop at nothing to gain their silence...including kidnapping.

As the clock ticks away, Dani has to make a choice between continuing the search for the Cup or trying to find her missing friends. Will Dani unwittingly sacrifice Rein’s life in her attempt to save their relationship? Or will she deliberately sacrifice their relationship in order to save his life?

My Thoughts:
I received a copy of The Accidental Immortal for an honest review.

Dani Avery has been an immortal for all of a few hours. The Cup of Immortality that was used to turn her is now missing and every immortal finger is pointing at Dani. When Odin banishes Dani to the human world until the whole thing is figured out Dani knows it’s up to her to figure out what’s happened to the cup. Finding the cup also comes with a deadline when Rein’s long ago lover Leanna shows up telling them that they only have a couple hours or Rein and Leanna will be married. When Rein, Leanna, and Emry’s get kidnapped Dani must assemble forces to find them even though she risks losing her love Rein forever. Want to find out if Rein and Dani end up together? You need to pick up a copy of The Accidental Immortal to find out.

Short, sweet, & to the point:
The Accidental Immortal is definitely a short read at 80 pages if you’re looking for a good read that’s full of action, high spinning emotions, a fire breathing dog, and a mythical world full of immortals, a rainbow bridge and amazing battles then you need to pick up The Accidental Immortal to read. The Accidental Immortal is a good read and I definitely enjoyed it.

Thank you to Musa Publishing for supplying me with The Accidental Immortal! 8)

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