Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My TBR Book Jar

Hiya so you know how I have a meme called From the FBR Pile? Well I came across something from Book Interrupted about a TBR Book Jar. She got her post from Books and Sensibility and the original idea came from the blog Alex in Leeds. Anyway I was like oh my goodness I really need to do this so you can see it if you haven't yet.

Here is my end result:
I used my Volunteer of the Year jar and scraps of paper for my far although people have done prettier things. I counted all the books that went in the jar and want to guess how many books? 141: 47 hard copy books and 98 e-books. I asked my boyfriend if I had an addiction before or after 140. Thankfully I will be a poor college student again so I won't be buying any books and unless the family brings some down on their two trips a semester then I will be plowing through these (lol not likely) but I will get more done since I CAN'T spend any money. Oh bookstores why are you so awesome. Online or otherwise they're great. To add to this sickness I need to stay away from free books amazon and smashword give away as well because honestly? I just do not need anymore books....right now.

Here is my hard copy pile:
Beautiful aren't they I did the piles by hardcover and paperback. 

This is me hanging out by my pile of awesome:

I am going to start pulling out of my jar next month because this month is waaay to hectic and I'll be starting my 3 hour shifts so I'll have more time. Anyway I can't wait for all of you to read my reviews on these and I seriously hope some of you make a tbr jar yourself!

Thank you for checking this out and I would love to hear about your TBR Book Pile!


  1. Yay! Go TBR Book Jars! TBR piles are pretty much the worst, so I hope this helps get you through yours!

  2. I have a TBR Tin :0) I hope this is helping you!

    Here is my TBR tin:

    New follower!
    Happy reading


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