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The Arrangement #8

Book Info:
Title: The Arrangement #8
Kindle Edition 
125 pages
Published by Laree Bailey Press 
Released: June 3rd, 2013 
To Buy: Amazon, B&N, Kobo

Book Description:
NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Series

~Volume 8 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials~

Nothing ever goes the way it should. Marty is barely a friend any more, and the roommate from hell is doing Naked Guy on my couch again. It's bad enough that it feels like my life is coming apart at the seams. There's one man that has held it together for the past few weeks, but things change. All it takes is a few words and everything shatters.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-8 are on sale now.~

My Review:
NOOOOO!!! Why must it end!?!?! *Sigh* Once again H.M. Ward is messing with my fragile emotions with yet another jaw dropping cliffhanger. Oh the agony!

It’s Sean and Avery’s last night together. While Sean offered Avery the title of permanent call girl Avery had to accept for her pride and her wellbeing for if Sean ever left Avery would once again be on her own with nothing to show for herself. To end their night together Sean makes love to Avery which I was like “whoa! Sean is being very swoon worthy right now!” Seriously after reading about him in Damaged 2 I totally see him as a giant butt head. I mean I never thought he was a peach but I didn’t think he was an ass…he totally is though!! Anyway when Avery goes to work the next day with Henry he surprises her with anger and she’s forced to  leave while Gabe takes care of him. Now on call for another job the next weekend Avery doesn’t know what to do or feel and with Sean gone Avery just feels lonelier and lonelier (8() When Peter shows up to tell her to go after Sean Avery doesn’t believe her ears. After deciding not to go after Sean Avery goes to her appointment and gets the shock of her life….or at least of the day.

I have to say Arrangement #8 felt a whole lot like a filler which I could care less because the humor and great writing by H.M. Ward made the whole experience enjoyable. I loved the IHOP scene where I was seriously wishing I had friends like Avery’s and that the guy had said yes because I have to wonder what Mel would have done then…oh well the mysteries I will never know. I also loved the scene with Peter and I have to wonder what would have happened if Avery had brought those antique guns with her since I now know the identity of Avery’s new client. All in all, another amazing edition to The Arrangment Series and I highly suggest everyone pick of their copies of this amazing series so they can join in! Oh Oh and there was a mention of Trystan Scott which totally blew my mind because I was like “OMG I READ THAT! I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!WOWZA!!” Okay so yeah pick up this series asap! Seriously!!

About the Author: 
NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY Bestselling author H.M. Ward is a native New Yorker living in Texas.

Ward was featured in the Washington Post for her debut novel Demon Kissed. Series by H.M. Ward include Secrets, Scandalous, The Arrangement, Demon Kissed, Vampire Apocalypse, and The Secret Life of Trystan Scott.

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