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The Dark Brotherhood Book 1

Book Info:
Title: The Dark Brotherhood Book One: First Bite
Series: The Dark Brotherhood
Edition: ebook
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction, Paranormal
Published by L.B. Shire
Release Date: September 9th 2012

Book Description: (goodreads)

Madaline 'Maddie' Reed spends her restless and lonely nights exploring the eerie forest that borders her relatives manor. It is here in the unnerving shadows and darkness of these woods the fight for her life begins, and one kiss will change her fate forever.

Ashtine is an orphan taken in by the Dark Blood Brotherhood and trained to be a bounty hunter; he tracks and kills rogue wolves that hunt unsuspecting mortals who dare wander into the forests. This is where he finds Maddie. With one bite, he changes the course of his destiny. With one kiss, the course of his life.

Romance History Paranormal


My Review:

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Madaline Reed is reaching the age to be married. Her unloving Uncle and Aunt are planning on marrying her off to an old Duke who is looking for a new wife. Madaline wishes more than anything that she could have a life all her own.

One day on her daily night walk into the forest she comes face to face with a deadly wolf. Thinking it’s her last moments to live she never expects another animal to come and save the day. When she finds a human boy on the ground immediately after the attack she checks to see if he’s okay and is bitten.

Ashtine is a member of the Dark Blood Brotherhood and he just broke one of the only rules of the brotherhood which is never bite a human without permission from the rest of the Brotherhood. Now Ashtine’s only choice is to wait for Madaline to return to the forest for her to either become is mate or to kill her. Little does he know that his brother Sedric is looking to ruin all the plans Ashtine has in place.

When a fatal accident has Madaline changing into a strange creature and killing someone she has nowhere to go but the forest. Realizing the boy who bit her did this and hearing her options of either becoming this strangers mate or dying Madaline is less than thrilled. With Sedric happily waiting to kill her to keep Ashtine from gaining happiness the two must make their decision quick.

Madaline: I thought Madaline was a very odd character because most girls at that time were very prim and proper and Madaline didn’t seem to care too much. Then when she becomes a creature of the forest she’s all about anger and killing things. I guess I wish there was more development with her in the book to understand the changes that she goes through because everything about her seemed rushed.

Ashtine: Ashtine didn’t get much time in this book. He bites Madaline and then we find out about how he has feelings for her. Still I felt Ashtine was a good character and an all-around good guy who almost always does what’s right.

Sedric: Sedric who didn’t get much time in this story definitely has some serious issues with his brother and seems a bit cruel to everyone and everything that gets in his way.

The point of view is mostly in Madaline’s but it does occasionally switch off to Ashtine’s or Sedric’s.

I wish there was more development of the story and the characters. Since the story was so short there wasn’t a lot to this story in that there was no before life to the characters. I kind of wish the story had started off just a little bit before Madaline was attacked so that I could get to know the characters as a whole better and I could see from Ashtine’s perspective how he feels about Madaline before he bit her and get more info on the Brotherhood. That being said L.B. Shire still had great writing and dialogue with the characters. There was some awesome action scenes and the ending definitely left me wanting more.


About the Author:
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a small community. I've always loved the outdoors, horses and books. From the moment I could hold a pencil, I was writing stories about horses and cowboys. As I grew older, I added in heroines and romance. Take a look around my site, I'd love to hear from readers! Thanks!
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