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Blog Tour: Never Let You Fall

Book Info:
Title: Never Let You Fall
Series: The Prophecy of Tyalbrook #1
Edition: ebook 
Pages: 314
Published April 30th 2013

Book Description: (goodreads)
Orphaned at 7, with no memory of her past or the family she lost, 17 year old Skye Martin is tired of being alone and afraid. After a hard night of partying, Skye wakes up alone in an unfamiliar hotel. All she can remember is the deep voice of her rescuer and his promise: “I am safe.”

Xander has been tasked with watching Skye from afar for the past two years, in order to keep her safe from the demons that hunt her. An easy job - until a pair of red glowing eyes reveal themselves to Skye, and Xander, in a moment of weakness, is forced to break his cover to protect her.

Never good at trusting people, Skye is inexplicably drawn to Xander and the immediate bond she feels for him. However, Xander is filled with secrets and ties to her past that threaten to thrust Skye into a world she could never imagine existed…

As she begins to unravel the truth about who Xander is and the details surrounding her family, she discovers that she might just be the key to saving everything...

And, most importantly, she finds that there has always been someone by her side who would never let her fall…

Michele's Top Ten Food Items J

So yea, Reese's reviews totally inspired me to make this list for you.  I'm sharing a little bit of me with you today in my favorite foods.

1) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!  Chocolate and PB what more could you ask for?  How about with chocolate yogurt in a cup from TCBY?  My fav dish there!

2) Bread- I lurve me some bread.   I will never turn down the pre-meal breadsticks, loaf with olive oil or rolls!

3) Cheese and olives- a perfect midnight snack.

4) Mexican- I will narrow it down to a good ole chicken chimichanga but I truly love tacos, nachos & anything with that yummy spicy Mexican flavor and cheese!

5) Italian subs- yummy!  Peperoni, salami, Italian seasonings & oil.  I love Firehouse Subs Italian sub

6) Chocolate things!  Yep, pretty much all chocolate things are good.  Chocolate covered potato chips?  Da Bomb!!

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9) Greek Salad- Figured I should have something healthy on here!  Although, add Greek dressing, feta, kalamata olives, onions…etc and I don't know just how healthy I'm being.

10) Carrot cake.  Oh momma, a good moist carrot cake with yummy cream cheese icing?  Heaven.

I am so in love with number 1 up there...hungry just thinking about Reese's peanut butter cups....*wipes drool off of face* okay onto my review-->

My Review:
Drinking herself into oblivion had become an almost daily event for 17 year old Skye Martin. Living with her best friend after ten years of staying in group homes Skye’s life has taken a turn for the worst. When one drunken night leaves to Skye waking up in a strange hotel with a smoking hot guy Skye is extremely confused.

Xander couldn’t take it anymore, watching Syke’s life spiral downward for the last two years since he lost her has been torture. When he finds her face down in the mud he decides it’s time to step in. Going against the rules he takes her to the hotel to clean her up and explain her destiny to her.

While Skye has never been one to trust people immediately after Xander asks her to trust him she finds herself saying yes. The trust in Xander begins leading to other emotions and feelings, feelings that are against everything Xander has been told to do, and against his duty as her Guardian.

When Skye woke up the morning after Xander saved her she never expected to be told she’s from another dimension where she has a huge destiny to fulfill and is a Princess a freaking Princess who everyone will stop at nothing to get their hands on for their own and use to gain leadership over Skye’s homeland.

Setting off to begin their journey of taking back the Kingdom Xander and Skye rely more and more on each other and meet some unexpected friends. Skye now knowing the threat and risk she puts on everyone she knows and loves she knows she must make some hard decisions in the times ahead.

Well I have to say I really enjoyed Never Let You Fall which the title is explained thoroughly throughout the book and I absolutely loved the meaning behind it. I really love Xander who is strong, sexy, and yet completely vulnerable when it comes to Skye. Skye while she doesn’t realize it is a completely amazing and strong character with a heart of gold. The whole story is filled with mythical creatures, ye old English, and an amazing love story that I hope will prevail in the end. I cannot wait for the second book for Michelle Miller did an amazing job writing this story and I know readers will really enjoy Never Let You Fall for its strong willed characters and uniquely magical land.

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About the Author:
I'm a married mom of three. Grew up in Maine and Alabama (Roll Tide) but moved to the Carolina blue skies in 2002 (NC) and love it here!
I'm a fool for good dialogues and great lyrics!

I love music and love to dance around my house, especially with my little dancer Belle whose seven.
My surfer boy, Gabe, is 8 and keeps me into all the coolest Legos. The teen of the house, Gray (14), gives me my grey hair (which I conveniently cover up)! He is also an avid reader - proud mom moment!! Oh, and I'm married to my high school sweetie. He is my biggest cheerleader and I love him so.

I love football, chocolate and hiking in the mountains! I also love social media and can be found daily perusing Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Loved the romance in this book too! Great review - I love to read what other people think of the books I've read!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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