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Review: Darius Pello Island

Book Info:
Title: Darius
Series: Pello Island #2
Edition: ebook
Genre: Mythology, Fantasy
Pages: 163
Published August 26th 2012 

Book Description: (goodreads)
Darius, a Roman nobleman, has been sentenced to Pello Island, a Roman penal colony, for a murder he didn’t commit. Upon his arrival, he is taken under the wing of Livia, who teaches him how to survive the harsh conditions of Pello Island. With Livia's help, Darius becomes a better man. When she tragically dies, Darius reverts to his former dissolute ways, and when his young bride Cassia arrives to be with him for the duration of his sentence, he abandons her for the arms of a sultry prostitute named Antonia. Darius suffers from an unknown malady, and as his mind deteriorates, Cassia finds solace in the arms of her old, dear friend Amatus, and struggles to keep her infant daughter safe from her father’s escalating madness.

Darius is the second book in the Pello Island series. It is the story of four people, bound together by events they cannot control, and one man’s inability to accept his destiny.

My Review:
I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Darius has just been accused of murder and is now headed to Pello Island to live out his sentence. Upon arriving he meets a woman who takes him under her wing and teaches him everything he needs to know to survive. Soon they grow close but trouble isn’t far behind because Livia is dying and a man has come to take over the town and Livia’s house.

Livia and Darius form a plan to stop him everything goes according to plan except Livia is now gone and with her any good that was left in Darius. Now he drinks frequently and sleeps with the town hutchie.

When Cassia arrives on the island she’s expecting Darius to welcome her with open arms. Instead she’s left in a home with no one in it. Finding her way around and making friends. After Darius finally shows up he’s not exactly happy to see Cassia but that doesn’t stop them him from having the sexy time with her multiple times.

Soon realizes she has become pregnant and Darius has soon lost all interest in Cassia. After months and months of living on her own and taking care of her daughter Cassia knows she chose the wrong man and quickly has Amatus move in with her and her daughter.

Just when things seem to be going better Cassia gets news that the Darius is dying, the ships that bring all food and goods, and all the fish missing everything is becoming worse. When Darius shows up and holds his daughter for the first time since her birth he makes a terrible mistake and drops her to her death. Then Pello Island takes a terrible crash due to a drunken God and everyone on the island is given a second chance again and again.

Draius: I still hate his guts. I did feel a tad bad for him after Livia died but then he started on a bad path again. Plus when he starts getting sick I think the point was supposed to help readers connect or sympathize with his character, the only thing I could think of was Karma is a b-i-t-c-h. Seriously, he left two pregnant women, only used both of them for sex. He is a weak pathetic character.
Cassia: she grows a lot as a character throughout this book and while she thought Darius was right for her she realizes she chose wrong. She takes care of her daughter and she takes great care of herself. When she first gets to the island I think she makes huge mistakes but she is young and blinded by love and that’s okay I think since I don’t know many people who haven’t made a mistake with at least one person they’ve liked.
Amatus: I think he’s a loyal character but such a doormat. While in the end he did end up getting the girl I think before that his life kind of sucked. I think the history between him and Cassia really proves though that he made the right decision to stay with her.

I was really skeptical about reading this book since I wasn’t really fond of the first book but Darius I felt was a lot better read. It was quicker and way more interesting than the first one. The Gods play a way bigger role in this story than before. I think the character growth was a lot more prominent and the story line was a lot more interesting. The ending story I feel the solution was a lot better in this story and totally made sense. All in all a lot better than the first book but only something I would read once.

I would definitely recommend this story to those who love mythology.

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About the Author:
For most of my life, stories have played out in my head, and in 2011 I began to write them down. Sometimes they come so fast I have to stop what I'm doing and write. It is the one thing that brings me pure joy. The characters are born and grow, and they move through my mind like scenes from a movie. I wake up in the middle of the night and a new scene is forming. I have to keep notebooks by my bed and in my handbag. Sharing these stories has been a pleasure. I hope they will enrich your life, too.

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