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Review: Antonia Pello Island

Book Info:
Title: Antonia
Series: Pello Island
Edition: Kindle Edition 
Pages: 160
Genre: Mythology, Fantasy
Published by Woofie Publications 
Release Date: November 8th 2012 
Book Description: (goodreads)
Antonia had a miserable life. As a child, she was rejected by her father, abused by her brothers, and sold to an abusive man whom she murdered on their wedding night. She was arrested and sent to Pello Island. Then Neptune blew that rocky island to smithereens, killing all its residents and prompting the Roman gods to give each of them a second chance. All but Antonia – they had forgotten her.

Seventeen hundred years following the destruction of Pello Island Antonia is still on Mount Olympus, but she has changed. She’s in love with Janus, a mortal who helps the gods settle the Pello Islanders in their new lives, and she doesn’t want to leave Olympus. She has no choice, however, for she was pregnant when the island exploded and that child is waiting to be born. Now the gods have found a body for her and her child, and she must go, leaving the only love she’s ever known to start a new life in eighteenth century Ireland.

In Ireland, Antonia finds friendship for the first time in the form of Maggie, a spunky woman who helps her with her newborn babe and introduces her to the joys of familial love. For a short time Antonia is happy, but there’s one thing missing from her new life – Janus. Is there a way to be with him in this new life or will she have to live without him forever?

Antonia Pello Island 3 is the heart-warming story of a woman who is transformed by love. Full of colorful characters and new locations, this third part of the Pello Island series will leave you wanting more.

The Pello Island series has been called an “exciting” and “not your average Roman mythology” by reviewers on Amazon.
My Review:

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Before Reading:
I was quite excited about reading Antonia Pello Island because of the introduction to Antonia in Darius.

When the Gods realized they forgot all about Antonia they work quick to get her into a body. Antonia having been on Mount Olympus for hundreds of years has fallen in love with Janus. Now she’s destined to head back to Earth to have her child and fulfill her destiny.
When Antonia wakes up in Ireland bruised and beaten she knows she’s alive again. Having help from two men she gets herself back on her feet and a house over her head. When her husband gives word that he’s coming to the safe house she’s living in his brother takes her away to his home town to keep her safe. Building a house and a reputation Antonia is more than relieved to live finally be safe to raise her son Brian.
Something though is going terribly wrong on Mount Olympus because the Gods are losing their powers and can no longer see Antonia’s future. When the shadow of a threat looms over Antonia’s head with no knowledge of what it is they head to warn Antonia. When Antonia’s murderous husband shows up trying to rape her Antonia kills him and thinks the threat is over. When a town party leads to Antonia’s death the Gods realize they are making more mistakes and Antonia has paid the price.

When Janus thinks of a plan to get Antonia out of her depression they head to more modern times with one month to enjoy together. When the month is over Antonia is forever gone from Janus and he is left to suffer his endless burden alone.

Antonia: I think that the time Antonia spent on Mount Olympus changed her a lot. She’s less angry and full of pain. I liked her a lot better and she was honestly one of my more favorite characters out of all the novels.
Janus: He’s very loyal and loves Antonia with all his heart. He sacrifices a lot for her and does everything he can to make her happy. While we don’t get a lot into his personality he’s a very sweet if not tortured love interest.

While the point of view does shift from multiple characters from time to time I think in this novel it was more fitting than the last. There weren’t as many characters as there was in Darius or Cassia and that made the changing perspectives a lot less confusing. The main character point of view was Antonia.

After Reading Reaction:
What the bleep, that ending was such a suck I cannot believe it. I was really into this story and then that ending happened and all I felt was complete and utter disappointment. I enjoyed this story so so much, the characters in this story were so much better and in depth with not too many flash backs and I enjoyed that aspect a lot. I guess my main problem was that I felt there should have been and could have been a happy ending and it just wasn’t there.

Overall Antonia’s story was extremely well written with great detail and well written characters. While I hated the end of the story I enjoyed this story the best out of all of the Pello Island stories. A.L. Jambor really did an excellent job of introducing Antonia and her life extremely well since the look of her on Pello Island wasn’t all that pleasing.

The title made a lot of sense to me since it was about Antonia and we were introduced to her in Pello Island and that is why she is having a story now.

I didn’t really get the cover since she never dressed up but the rest of the cover with the clovers and Antonia center stage made complete sense.

About the Author:For most of my life, stories have played out in my head, and in 2011 I began to write them down. Sometimes they come so fast I have to stop what I'm doing and write. It is the one thing that brings me pure joy. The characters are born and grow, and they move through my mind like scenes from a movie. I wake up in the middle of the night and a new scene is forming. I have to keep notebooks by my bed and in my handbag. Sharing these stories has been a pleasure. I hope they will enrich your life, too.
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