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Author Interview & Giveaway Barbie World

Barbie Girl (Baby Doll #1)
Book Description: (goodreads
The only thing that 17 year old Barbie Starr wants to do is graduate high school so she and her little brother, Everett, can get out of Alabama. She doesn’t care about the rumors that are spread around about her like wild fire. Rumors are nothing new to her. Sure, maybe she could change her reputation, but why bother. She is leaving Alabama as soon as she can. That is, if she can pass algebra and graduate.

The only thing Dylan Knight would like to do is go through high school unnoticed; he has had enough of the drama that is high school. He took the whole of last summer to bulk-up: finally he is not being called names or being shoved into lockers. He wants to remain on the outside of the circle of constant rumors that surround the so-called popular kids who get all the attention. He would not, however, mind if his long time crush Katie took notice of him.

But it is Barbie who notices Dylan and she offers him a deal he can’t pass up: if he helps her pass algebra, she’ll help him get the girl of his dreams. Dylan agrees, but, as it turns out, nothing is simple when it comes to Barbie. Somehow, she can’t help but draw attention to herself — and to him. Soon Dylan finds himself tossed into the whirlwind of rumors that seem to follow Barbie everywhere. Can he save his reputation and still get the girl of his dreams? Or will Barbie be the one to break through his carefully-built facade?

Today I have Heidi Acosta here to give us some insight on Barbie Girl, the series, and about herself as an author.

Interview Questions:

1. When did you first come up with the idea for Barbie-Girl and the series?
Barbie was a character from another story I was writing, she outshined the others with her personality. I wanted to know what made her the way she was. What was her home life like? And it just started to grow from there. 

2. Is there a specific message you want readers to take from this story?
One underlying message that starts with the title and it weaves throughout the story is that you can never judge a person from what you see on the outside.

 3. Which of the characters you wrote was your favorite?
I love each and every one of them, even Barbie’s mother. But I did have extra fun writing Third.

4. When and why did you decide to become a writer?
I have always loved to write ever since I can remember, but it wasn’t until last year that I decided to pursue it as a career. I always hear people (myself included) complain that they hate their job. I didn’t want to be that person who hates what they do. So I said to myself do what you love the most and there is no way you can be unhappy. 

5. What were the most difficult and the easiest scene to write?
Difficult would have to be when Barbie’s mother over doses. The easiest would have to be the first chapter. 

6. What made you decide to make Barbie’s name Barbie?
 It was always Barbie, the moment my fingers touched the key board, that was her name. It is weird it is like she always existed. However, I did struggle with Dylan’s name, my husband actually named him. 

7. Is there one particular character that you relate to best?
I relate to Barbie and her love for her brother, I am the same way about all four of my siblings :)

8. What do you do when you’re not writing?
I love to read. I have a pile of TBR books sitting next to my bed.

9. Are you a math whiz like Dylan or are you like Barbie and wish it would go crawl in a hole and die?
DIE! DIE! DIE! I stink at math! Math has always been a struggle for me I just don’t get it. I probably would have been better at it if I paid attention in school. I was the kid who was reading a book inside my text book, or writing all over my test papers short stories. Yeah my math teachers did not like me very much. 

10. How many books are you planning in your series of the Baby Doll Series and will they all be in both Dylan and Barbie’s POV’s or are you incorporating other POV’s into the story?
Four. Barbie and Dylan’s story ends in Barbie world,***Sniff. Sniff.*** The third book is Katie’s story, and the forth will be Everett’s story. Don’t worry Barbie will be making an appearance in each story.
What did you think of the interview? Awesome right? Here is the info on the next book and if you want to view the actual cover reveal, my review of Barbie Girl, or find out more about Heidi follow the links. Yes yes I am shamelessly broadcast my other posts....8)

Barbie World (Baby Doll #2) 
Book Description: (goodreads)
"One Night is all it took to change everything between Barbie and me. One night to potentially lose the girl of my dreams forever. How do I prove to her that she can trust me? That all I want to do is protect her carefully guarded heart. I need to prove to her that I want to be a part of her world. But How? ”
Dylan lost Barbie once before, now he is determined more than ever to win her heart and trust back. Easier said than done, especially with the new hot guy in town who is in a rock band and is the complete opposite of Dylan.
Barbie has been hurt beyond repair or so she thinks. It would be easier for heart to decide if she didn’t have to protect her little brother. And if Dylan would just put on a shirt! Dylan is not making this easy on her. It helps to have the distraction of the new guy in town cute bad boy Kai. But even though her heart is damaged it still knows what it wants.
When Barbie learns she has a family and with the help of Roxie and Kai, oh and Third and Dylan. They embark on a journey to help bring Barbie closer to a past she never knew existed.
Heidi Acosta brings you the heart felt story of friendship, love and heartbreak in the second book in of the Baby doll series Barbie World.


Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!

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