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The Host: Book to Movie

Movie Summary: (from IMDb) When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories, Melanie will risk everything to protect the people she cares most about, proving that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world.

 Movie: Trailer

I have been debating since I saw this to write a review on the movie due to the fact I may be a tad bit bias about it. But I figured oh well, this is more or less my therapy so I can get out exactly what I'm feeling towards this movie.

This review of the movie and the book has major spoilers. If you have not read the book, or seen the movie and don't wish to have ANYTHING and EVERYTHING spoiled for you I would turn back now.

The Movie:
The movie overall was boring, dull, and unintentionally laughable. Where there was supposed to be humor there wasn't and when there was a humorous situation from the outside it was usually during a serious scene. The movie held a few key ideas from the book and I felt the movie kind of rushed. With such a long book with such a vast amount of details they only kept a few ideas leading to missed themes and plot devices. The main points: Alien invasion, find humans, bad seeker, love. I'll be honest the only part I enjoyed during the entire movie was the glow worms. Acting was sub-par, but the special effects were alright (although the intro sequence was something out of a 50's B rated syfy movie) which is more or less how this movie ended up.

The Characters:
Some characters such as Ian, Uncle Jeb, Jamie, Aunt Maggie, Doc, and the Seeker were done correctly. These characters were done lacking or ultimately just plain missing from the movie: Melanie, Jared, Kyle, Wes, Aaron, Walter, Doc's wife: Shanon, Wanderers Comforter, Kyle's girlfriend, Summer, most of the tertiary characters from the cave and the outside world were totally inaccurate or missing. They also made unnecessary character additions and the amount of Seekers playing more pivotal roles in the movie than the crucially important cave dwellers from the book.

Everything they got wrong:
  • New Wanda's hair color and ultimate depiction.
  • The double suicide with the truck/ amount of humans deaths
  • The intentional taking of hostages
  • Jared's attitude towards Wanda never changes throughout the movie: all in all hatred.
  • Kyle: wasn't really in the movie except for one scene when he attacked her and the attack seemed unfounded given his role in the movie up til that point. The depiction of the fight scene was lacking.
  • Wanda's freedom: After Jamie got sick she just up and left as if she knew where the exit was, and how many times she was let outside of the cave with little supervision.
  • The easy and quick manner of acceptance applied to Wanda by the cave dwellers was overtly abrupt.
  • There was cave electricity from some unknown source totally unexplained. What did they have a generator or a solar powered, or hamsters on wheels or something going on down there? It made no sense.
  • The lovey dovey-ness of the entire movie, the made it into a love story which is was not.
  • The movie completely kicked out Walter from the movie which was pivotal to Wanda's growing relationship in the cave.
  • Doc's lack of alcohol problem and lack of being in the book.
  • The fact that Melanie and Jared have the sexy time. 
  • Oh and kisses can only happen in the rain? What's up with that? It can only rain while people are kissing?
  • Serious note: WTF!!! Why would the humans go out during the day in the middle of the city expecting sunglasses to be their only protection? Are sunglasses pivotal to any alien related movie? Superman, Men in Black, X-Files. Just saying.
  • The fact that there were only five-seven main characters in the movie.
  • Wanda never teaches in her host regular life, nor did she in her times inside the cave.
  • Kyle’s trial was missing.
  • Soccer game was missing.
  • The severity of Jamie's cut and how spread out the infection was and how quick it made it seem. Infections like that don't happen in mere minutes.
  • Wanda's injuries were severely less, and less convincing. In the book she was beaten, bruised, and scared. She had to cover her scars by having Jared hit her to bleep with a rock. Then half-way to the hospital she drove herself, and then stabbed herself (not cut). In the movie Jared drove her the whole way, in the day time, and after she cut herself which was so unrealistic by the way, she just walked into the clinic as if nothing was wrong. Like la-di-da I have a cut with enough blood running on the floor to fee six vampires...
  • Also the entire medicine thing...there were supposed to be multiple crèmes, sprays, etc. to fix and mend things that are broken, instead there is only one.
  • The fact that the humans spend so much time outside was simply appalling to me. Being an almost extinct species you'd think they would be more careful, but nope.
  • Melanie's southern drawl at some points in the movie made no sense
  • Wanderer attacking the Seeker and then being guarded, and then attacking someone again
  • When Melanie was inside Wanderers head many times in the movie she had complete control for large amounts of time when in the book Melanie was trapped inside with very few times of breaking free.
  • Melanie's voice in Wanderers head: it made Wanda seem schizophrenic because she was always talking to herself out loud rather than in the book where everything was internal. Kinda ghosty effect.
  • The relationship in the movie went from Mel and Wanda hating each other through most of the movie until suddenly out of know where "I love you" where as in the book it was gradual.
  • Wanda never attacked anyone in the book.
  • The entire beginning of the book was just off.
Why I didn't like the movie:
I went into the movie knowing the book and movie would be way different. While knowing this before- hand still didn't prepare me for the surprises. I felt they just completely made the movie into a love story instead of what I felt was a journey to help those you love, and because of that finding a true home, and hope. Instead it was just all love all the time. Many things seemed unrealistic even for a science fiction novel. Do I think I would like the movie if I hadn't of read the book? No, I don't, there was too much poor acting and the story being completely unrelateable. In the book I liked Wanderer for while being such a nice and pure person still being strong to always do what was best. I felt Melanie was a great character too in the book because she was a fighter, and while she was trapped she never gave up on what and who she loved.

Overall rating:

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