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Review: Finding a Man for Sylvia

Book Info:
Edition: e-book 
Pages: 132
Published by Musa Publishing Terpsichore
Released: November 23rd 2012 
Genre: Contemporary

Book Description:(goodreads)
A well-intentioned but clueless romantic is determined to find love for her lonely neighbor over her exasperated husband’s objections.

Julia Hawthorne-Florez has the best of intentions, and everyone knows what the road to Hell is paved with. Her husband Javier accuses her of playing God with people's lives, but Julia is simply a fool for love. (Or maybe just a fool?)

When lonely Sylvia moves in across the street, Julia is determined to find her match. But, of course, there are obstacles. Javier, for one, who's forbidden any further matchmaking attempts on his well-intentioned wife’s part. And there’s the little matter of Sylvia being in love with a man who's taken a vow of celibacy.

Julia schemes; the hamster wheel in her head spins furiously. Handsome Ted is Julia’s first choice. Except shy Ted happens to be interested in Julia's best friend, certified dominatrix Lisa. And so it goes. Julia spins her web; Javier laughs at her. But Julia always gets the last laugh in this Latin-infused contemporary romantic comedy.
How People View Julie's matchmaking:

My Review:

I received a copy for an honest review.

Julie Hawthorne admits to being a horrible matchmaker. Although she has good intentions her matchmaking skills have only ever worked once.

When Sylvia the new neighbor moves across the street living with her brother and parents, Julia knows she needs to use her matchmaking skills to save this girl from living a life without love. Especially when Julia finds out Sylvia is in love with someone who is unattainable, a priest.

While trying to figure out Sylvia’s emotional and romantic issues, Julia is setting up other matchmaking schemes with her best friend Lisa, Julia’s coworker Ted, Javier’s father, and Julia’s gay brother Cam. Having her work cut out for her she works on getting Sylvia and Ted out of their shelves.

While Javier continues to voice his disapproval, and planning their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration Julia finally realizes the perfect opportunity to set her trap for her lonely friends, but will all of her agonizing and match making plans come together, or will everything crash and burn?

I honestly thought this story was hilarious. Finding a Man for Sylvia is original and well written. Margaret Lesh definitely has a way with writing great characters that are realistic and well written. Julia was definitely a character, she was constantly making mistakes and doing very clumsy or ditzy things and just the way she did everything was like “oh Julia Julia Julia” shaking your head at her moments. Finding a Man for Sylvia is well written and an original story about finding love and finding yourself that will leave you with a satisfying ending. I would recommend this story to anyone who believes in love and to readers who like contemporary novels.

About the Author:
California girl Margaret Lesh lives with her husband Steve and son Andrew in a quiet suburb near Los Angeles. Co-creator of, she writes middle grade, young adult, and women’s fiction. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about baked goods, especially donuts, far too often. She believes tacos are magic.

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  1. Wow! Love all the reviews you have been doing lately. Untraceable, Rules, The Voice and your latest - Finding a Man for Sylvia - all look very interesting. Might add some of these to my collection.
    Happy Mid-week!

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. Hey, Sharrice! Thank you for the lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


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