Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monthly Recap: March

Hey everyone! So I thought I would share with you some of the blogging and other stuff that has been going on with me in the last month and find out what's coming next...kinda like tv.

List of Books I reviewed this month:
Fun stuff from March:
  • Went and saw The Host-review on that will come soon.
  • Had Spring Break, it sucked but I had it.
  • I've recently discovered that I am in love with Banner making. I started making them with all the books I've reviewed. Not sure anyone's noticed but I really enjoy making them.
  • Finally started "catching up" on my review requests.

Music  I've been listening to:

Lightning by Alex Goot

The Kiss (Carly Rae Jepsen) by Alex Goot (Cover)

Mulan: I'll Make a Man Out of You

Little Town Beauty and the Beast

Posts that got the most loving:

Author of the Month:

Books I'm excited about in April::

What to expect in April:
  •  Well I am working super hard on my getting my 50 some review requests out soon so you can expect a lot of review requests reviews this month.
  • Also I am participating in a numerous amount of blog tours so make sure to check those out.
  •  I am pretty much booked on homework for this last month and two weeks of school so...yeah buckets of fun for me. I pinky swear to continue blogging regularly.
  • I am continuing my book banners so that's probably the highlight of my reviews since they're so fun and colorful!
    •  Going to try and be more active this month with commenting on other peoples blogs this month. I know all the blogs I follow and that are following me love comments just as much as I do so I will be working on improving my commenting!

     I hope everyone had a great March and let's kick April off to a great start!

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