Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spoiler Sunday #1

Hiya everyone! So remember at the beginning of the year when I said I wanted to start a meme? Well here it is, mustache and all. I wanted a meme that would kinda help me more or less find out more about books. I notice when I see spoilers places I get super excited about the book and want to read it more. Also, I have a lot of friends that love spoiling the ending for themselves by reading the last page. It's a tad like Teaser Tuesday but I want the teaser to be..spoilery!

How to do it:
  • Take the last book you finished
  • Go to a scene that you found particularly awesome and spoilery
  • Or the last line or two of the last page
  • Do NOT give away the ending or anything that would ruin too much of the surprise.
  • Please tag my blog somewhere in post 8) 
  • Leave comment with link so I can check yours out too!
The Crimson Crown (Seven Realms #4)

""So what happens now?" Han said. "Since you aren't getting married."
"Oh, I am getting married," Raisa said sleepily. "You promised me that me that if I agreed to marry you, that you would make it happen." She extended her hand, the one with the ring Han had given her, and waved it under his nose. "So. It's time to pay up."

What's your spoiler?


  1. Wow! You've changed your banner since I last visited. Looks awesome!!
    Your spoiler sounds interesting. As you say, it's a bit like a tease. Great idea!

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog


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