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Review: The Arrangement #2

The Arrangement (The Arrangement #2) by H.M.Ward
Book Info:
Kindle Edition
Published by Laree Bailey Press 
Released on:  January 16th 2013
Link to book: Amazon

Avery's life is slipping between her fingers. Everything that she worked to achieve will be gone if she doesn't take this job. The idea of being a call girl doesn't appeal to Avery, but her first client does. Sean is too difficult to resist. This might be the opportunity to fix her finances and find love. She just has to have enough guts to go through with it.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each.

My Review:
Recieved ARC for review!
Well needless to say The Arrangement #2 is another torturous novel! That ending!!! Ugh I am so happy I got to read this book a little in advance...however that also means I have to wait longer! If you don't know already I loathe waiting! Not that Holly's books aren't worth it, because they so totally are. Plus the more reviews she gets for her books the faster the next book comes out and get to writing those reviews peeps! I promise to love you forever and ever.

Anyway, onto the review!!

The arrangement part 2 starts off right where part 1 left off which happened to be...Sean's hotel room. Avery and Sean are getting with the hot and heavy when suddenly there's a beeping and then a knock on the door. Miss. Black shows up with two bulky men who take Avery out the the hotel suite and back to Miss. Black's office. Avery is then informed that Sean disregarded the rules by taking Avery outside and that she will be given a new client.

Avery has other plans in mind. She makes a deal with Miss. Black that if she can have Sean again she wants in if he does. After a bit of convincing on Avery's half and an exciting date that takes Avery's emotions to a whole new level, they're back on. However, that's when things become complicated. When Avery shows up again for Sean will they be interrupted again by Miss Black? Or will Avery's own fears and heart get in the way or what she wants?

Loved this book. Avery is awesome as always. I liked that I got to read a little more into Avery's friendships and her roommate situation. Avery's life does not get any more uncomplicated and I think I love the fact that for now her life isn't perfect. However, I do hope she gets her happily ever after in the end.

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