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Review: Secrets Vol. 5

Secrets Vol. 5 (Secrets #5) by H.M. Ward
Book Info:
Kindle Edition
Published by Laree Bailey Press 
Released on December 21, 2012
 The pounding in Anna's heart rings in her ears as she sits naked in the tub. The bath water sloshes around her bare hips, even though she tries to stand without making a sound. All this time, Anna thought someone was following her, but every time she turned around no one was there. The chills that climbed up her spine those few times seemed silly, but not now. Now, they seem horrific.

Cole is gone, Emma is at work, and Anna is completely alone. A shadow darkens the space under the door. The metallic clink of a hand touching the knob sends Anna out of her mind. Pulse pounding in her ears, Anna has no other option, but to open the bathroom door and come face to face with her stalker.

Volume 5 is the final book in the bestselling SECRETS series.
My Review:
Holy freaking crap!!! Secrets Vol. 5 is all things amazing. I could not put this amazing novel down for a second. The entire Secrets series is just completely compelling and just amazing. H.M.Ward just has a way with words, characters, and just writing in a way that will leave you guessing until the very end. She writes in a way that has your emotions pulling every which way just like the characters. There is no way to not fall madly in love with Secrets. 

Secrets Vol. 5 starts right off from where Secrets Vol. 4 left off. Anna is freaking out after she sees a creepy shadow outside her door. Suddenly she starts hearing scratching on the door and begins to freak. Finally opening the door she reveals the perpetrator, or did she? Reaching her room she finds that this are a miss and begins to panic. Calling Edwards she asks him to stay and watch Em while she goes and stays at Cole's. After a little while however, Anna confesses what's been going on to Cole and he vows to protect her. However, Anna continues to feel impending doom like a gray cloud hovering over her head as the days go on, and soon she is confronted by what she feared most of all.

When we finally find out what those creepy feelings that Anna is always feeling are about. A lot of messed up stuff happens and let me just tell you when all was revealed this was my reaction: "I FREAKING KNEW IT!!! OH MY GOODNESS I FREAKING KNEW IT!!! WAIT WHAT WHAT WHAT!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! OH HOLY TOAST ON BREAD NO FREAKING WAY!!" I know pretty dramatic stuff but for those who have followed Anna and Cole's story when they read Secrets Vol. 5 will know what I'm talking about. I was freaking the bleep out.

Anna and Cole's relationship is a lot different in this novel. Where before they had a bunch of sexual tension, their relationship is filled with a passion of different sorts as they reveal more and more of their pasts and emotions to each other. Even as their worlds seem to fall apart they stand together. I have to say their relationship is admirable since from the beginning things had been overly complicated. Cole in this novel is a lot funnier and open as a character in this novel, while Anna is a lot more emotional. This novel proved so much more why they so perfect for each other.

Overall, Secrets Vol. 5 is a great conclusion to an even greater series. I am so sad that this amazing series has ended and will deeply miss hearing about Anna and Cole. All the characters in the Secrets Series hold a special place in my heart and I know when I miss them most I will be picking up my kindle to read about their story all over again.
Favorite Quote: I so recognized with this quote.
“At one time, I thought love was so devastating when it was over, that it wasn’t worth the risk. I don’t think that anymore. I think love’s worth chancing the agony that things may go wrong. Besides, I don’t want to live like that, always wondering what I could have had, if we would have been happy. I’ve done that. It’s a lonely life, Anna. “There are only a few things I’m certain of. I have here and now. I have today. I had thought that there were no promises in this life, nothing to grab hold of—I used to think that nothing was forever, Anna. But this, me and you, it’s worth the risk. You’re already part of me, and it’s not that I can’t let you go, it’s that I don’t want to. I love you, Anna. You’re worth the risk.”

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