Sunday, November 11, 2012

Street Team

Hiya everyone!!!! So if you don't already know I am incredibly in love with Kristin Campbell and her amazing Lunangelique Trilogy. That being said I have offered my help in spreading the word about her books and a street team she is wanting to form to spread the word about her awesome books. So far she has had 2 people and one of those people is me sign up to become a member of her street team so I am here to spread the word by asking for your help. Here is the info from

Lunangelique's Street Team
I'm forming a Street Team that I hope will be equaling rewarding.

Below are the Levels and Point Systems. I also want to have contests from time to time. I hope this will become something fun and enjoyable for all parties.
There is a tab for the Street Team that will post monthly changes and contests, as well as, new excel worksheets to track progress.

I am open to suggestions and inputs on how to make the Street Team better for the members.

If you are interested in joining, give me a shout out whenever, through either facebook, email or contact on website.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you! MWAH!

First level (25 points) Lunangelique bookmark and other surprises.
Second level (50 points) all prizes above and $5 gift card to either B&N, smashwords or Amazon.
Third level (100 points) all prizes above and your name mentioned in acknowledgements of next book.
Fourth level (250 points) all prizes above and autographed copy of one of my books.
Fifth level (500 points) all prizes above and get ARC of next book.

Anything above that... Well, you are just frickin' awesome!

How to gain points:
1 point per tweet ( 1/day) to link website or where to buy book (use #Lunangelique)
1 point per retweet ( 1/day) of anything I post
1 point per fb status (1/day)
1 point per restates (1/day) of anything I post
5 points per tweet ( 1/day) to promote during book tours
5 points (1/month) for posting my blog button to blog
3 points for commenting on a blog that reviewed or hosted book for tour
5 points for using one of my book covers for your profile pic on facebook, twitter or other (5/month)
15 points for buying one of my books (must show proof of purchace) (15/purchase/month)
3 points if blog about Lunangelique’s Street Team (1/day)
5 points each time you review my books via a blog, amazon, B&N, goodreads, smashwords, etc  (5/review)
2 points to refer someone to like my facebook page, website, become a fan on goodreads, etc. They have to say who recommended them (2/referral)
15 points for taking pic of yourself with paperback copy in public place (3/month)
5 points for taking pic of yourself with ebook cover in public place (3/month)
2 points for sharing book trailer on any website (blog, fb, twitter, etc) (1/day)
1 point for sharing their “Team Whoever” on their blog, fb page, etc (1/month)
10 points for blogging about books (ie. Favorite cover designs, quotes, etc) (1/day)

November's Points

Here are the documents for November's point tracking. On the Word Document there are two challenges that I am requesting, if you dare. That's sounds better said for October than November, but whatever. Thank you!!!

Please please please help this awesomesauce author and sign up, we'll both love you forever!!


I love comments!! Leave them and I promise to love you for ever!!! <3

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