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Zeus, Inc. Review

Zeus, Inc. Robin Burks
Synopsis: (goodreads)
50 years ago, Zeus, Inc., and its CEO, the mysterious Joseph Brentwood, saved the world from a major energy crisis by discovering a new unlimited energy resource. Now, in 2069, Mr. Brentwood has gone missing and private eye Alex Grosjean has been hired to find him by his daughter (and Alex's best friend), Aleisha.

Black-outs begin to occur all over the world and somehow Alex believes it's tied to Mr. Brentwood's disappearance. Her search leads her through her own murky past and into the fantastical depths of Hell itself, where she discovers that Mr. Brentwood is not who or what he seems to be.

With the help of an otherworldly man named Pip, Alex must save both Mr. Brentwood and the world. But will she be able to face her own guilty past in order to do it?

I received a free copy of Zeus, Inc. for an honest review.

Before I started this book I wasn't exactly sure what to think about it. The synopsis is very mysterious and I kept wondering why the title and the main company in the book was called Zeus, Inc. Zeus if you don't know being the God of thunder and all that jazz I couldn't help but wonder if he had anything to do with the story.

As I started I immediately fell in love with Robin Burks's writing style. I felt she made incredibly realistic characters with flaws, and relationships, and fears. I felt that was incredibly awesome and the world of Zeus, Inc is awesome.

Zeus, Inc. is set in the future the year 2065. 50 years before in 2015 the world was in chaos, running out of natural resources to fuel society as we know it today. Riots and wars began all over the world. That is until Joseph Brentwood came out of nowhere with an ever lasting power supply. For 50 years everything seems to be going great. That is until Joseph Brentworth goes missing.

Enter the main character and hero of the story; Alex Grosjean. Alex is an ex-cop turned private investigator. She lives with her mother (which isn't as pathetic as it sounds), and her cat. She is divorced and is best friends with Josephs' daughter Aleisha the Vice President of Zeus, Inc. Alex gets a call at the beginning of the story about her Joseph being missing. Initially she doesn't want to take the case due to her colored past on the police force, but considering it's her best friend she has no choice but to say yes. That's when everything starts to get weird.

While Alex is investigating the case she meets Phillip Smith a.k.a. Pip. Pip is a out of this world hottie, and Alex is immediately attracted to him. After meeting him he is the first person on her suspects list. While confronting Pip about the case and what he knows, Pip introduces her into the world of the Gods. Greek Gods to be more exact. After this finding Alex becomes more and more entangled with the Gods realizes she is the only one who can figure out a way to find Joseph Brentworth and find a way to save the world become another energy wipe out occurs. For Earth isn't the only one with problems, the Gods may be going to war too.

I honestly love Alex. I loved her humor and the way she reacted to situations, not going into a situation without a plan, and sometimes completely doubting her ability to do anything right. I felt that aspect made her more likeable to me because she wasn't perfect. She is extremely loyal, strong, and just all around an amazing character. I felt as the story progressed Alex became an even stronger character. The ghosts of her past weren't entirely so horrible and looming. The way she acted towards those closer to her became a lot better as well as she realized what and who was important. I was extremely happy with how she turned out to be as a character in the end.

The only aspect I didn't like about the book or rather Alex was how she acted towards Pip. He was an honest to goodness a swoon worthy sweetheart and Alex was a complete 'B word' to him. Every time he did or said anything she would state she wanted to punch him in the face. If he was ever even talking to another woman she would get all jealous, but then not two seconds later she was being pushing him away and telling him to shove off. Honestly that was my real only problem though.

Zeus, Inc. contains a lot of colorful language, mostly by Alex, acts of violence and murders. I truly did enjoy Zeus, Inc. and am crossing my fingers there will be a second one (hint, hint). I hope you all enjoyed my review and I really hope you pick up a copy of this book soon. Lots of humor and "wtfery" moments.

Favorite Quote:
"I quickly dropped my hands and changed the subject. "So those two who visited me the other night. Who were they?" I asked.

He smiled, knowingly. "Ares and Aphrodite."

Of course, I thought. In fact, I think I had already sort of figured that out. Although in my mind they were still Mr. Scowly Face and Miss Perfect Bitch. I found those the names I had given them much more appropriate."

About the Author: (Robin Burks Blog)
Robin Burks is a person of multiple talents. Not only does she own a web development studio, Bad Karma Studios, but she also has a small online music promotions company, Sunrise Promotions. Writing, though, is her passion. She is currently a feature writer for and, as well as writing for her own site
Robin has just published her first novel: Zeus, Inc.
An internet addict, she can often be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  She also loves to read (obviously), act, sing, play video games and travel.
Robin currently lives in Missouri with her four cats. She also occasionally speaks French and loves Docto

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