Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Book News!!!!

So if you don't know I am in love with H.M.Ward. I love her all of her books with a passion. So I have some news and it's FREE, which is awesome right?
Stone Prison by H.M. Ward

Is on Sale and by sale I mean free. That's right Free. This book creeped the BLEEEP out of me so if you are looking for something to scare the Halloween Candy out of you, this would be the book.

FREEBIE for awesome fans! Yup - that's you! Halloween Horror, "Stone Prison" is a gruesome fairy tale. Free until Nov 1 on Smashwords w/ Coupon: JH47H U can read on your phone, computer, kindle, nook, etc. Happy reading! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/165764
This book will be free until November 1st.
Bestselling author of the DEMON KISSED series presents TWISTED TALES.  This new series of novella have a Gothic feel with a dark twist reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe's famous stories.
This dark tale is like the fables of old, with a twist...
While other seventeen-year-old girls are dreaming of marrying the prince, Ella is hoping that she doesn't get caught.  Ellis is a thief, forces to live that way by the witch who slaughtered her father fifteen years ago.  Since that gruesome night, Ella has been locking in a stone prison--kidnapped--with no chance of freedom.  No one can escape from the witch.  Ever.  But this year, everything changes.

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