Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tryst by Ella Steele Review

Tryst Vol.'s 1-3 by Ella Steele

Synopsis from goodreads:
Warning: This novel contains sexually explicit content.

Ashley let the love of her life slip between her fingers because she couldn't accept what Michael so plainly saw—someone who needed more than vanilla sex. It drove a rift between them, forcing them to part without another word. Tonight he's sitting across from her, years later, and she finally knows who she is—what she wants and needs. Michael's the one who got away, and she won't lose him again.

Ella Steele is known for her erotic romance novels, which balance lust and love in unforgettable stories. With this erotic short story her ability to tease, arouse, and describe incredibly erotic acts is on full display.
 To say that H.M. Ward has done it again would be a complete understatement.

If you don't know what Tryst means I'll clue you in. Tryst according to the many online and Webster dictionary means: A private, romantic rendezvous between lovers: "a moonlight tryst"

I have to say this novel completely emphasizes on the erotic!!! There's nipple piercings and piercings on other extremities...I'll let you ponder over that one. (smiles evilly)

The two characters: Micheal and Ashley are completely drawn to each other from the first page.

The short story is told from Ashley's perspective and although during the novel her emotions are at war with her body, her body and Micheal win throughout the novel, and don't stay at odds for long.

This novella goes into a great deal of detail of the three nights, that's right three sexy erotic pleasure filled nights.

I have to say there was enough spanking in this novella to make my butt hurt.

Tryst is a complete must read. It's filled with very little sexy tension, likeable characters, and completely filled with hot sweaty moments that will leaving you fanning yourself and wondering what will come next...haha get the pun? Come...(okay sorry that may have been a tad immature)
Rating: 5/5

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  1. Great review. Never heard of this book. Checking it out for my Wickedly Delicious Book Blog.


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