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Review: Out of the Shadow by J.S. Winn

This is my 2nd asked to review!!! Awesome right? 8)
Thank you so much for asking me to review Out of the Shadow Jamie Winn. You rock!!!
Having survived a rape and her husband's murder, all Becca Rosen wants to do is settle back into a “normal” life, but how normal can life be when she's being stalked by a psychopath with an attitude---and an agenda. The police are no help because they're convinced, with her history of mental illness, Becca has faked the rape to get away with her husband's murder. On top of that, Becca has begun to have flashbacks and nightmares of childhood abuse, possibly at the hands of the rapist. Not knowing where to turn, and feeling like she might go crazy again, Becca hires Psychologist, Sarah Abrams, to help her unearth who's behind the crimes of the past...and the present.

Three men come into Becca's life around the same time. While each of these men has his charms, Becca can't be certain whether any one of them is the real killer. Or could it be someone else? Together Becca and Sarah start on a course of hypnotherapy to discover the abuser's identity. Will their work reveal the real killer before it's too late, or will Becca once again fall prey to this demented criminal? (from goodreads)

Out of the Shadow was absolutely nothing like I expected. The synopsis gives nothing away.

I completely love the cover. So amazing.

Out of the Shadow has loads of psychology stuff in it. So if you like learning about human behavior, this is totally the book for you.

Out of the Shadow begins with the story about a woman named Becca who from the very first pages something completely terrible happens. She's raped, then goes downstairs to find her husband bleeding to death. But, the story does not end there. Her life is on a complete downward spiral afterward. Now while she struggles to figure out who raped her, and murdered her husband, she uncovers that she has been previously molested at a young age. Becca buried the memory from her mind, and only after the rape does she realize that something isn't quite right. On a journey to find the truth she grows as a person as well.

Now while this story is mainly focused on Becca it is told from her previous psychotherapist Sara. Sara tells the story of Becca's life at a weekend long conference.

I have to say that both characters were very alike, in fears, goals, and life struggles. Also, they both have amazing self realizations and self growth, which was great because I was rooting for them.

Oh and the person that did all of the heinous crimes is a complete psychopath. Seriously, I would have been super scared, crawled in a deep dark cave somewhere, so he would never find me. Or fake my own death.

The story is a sort of a murder mystery type thing and I have to say throughout I was thinking with each page: "WHO THE BLEEP DID IT!!" Honestly there is no finding out until the end. J.S. Winn did an amazing job when writing this amazing novel. Just the right amount of suspense and story to keep me reading all night.

Favorite Quote: I love this quote so much because it reminds me of me and my own bestie!!
 ""You're a serious nut- but I love you. I don't know what I'd do without you, dear friend.""

I hope you go and pick up a copy of Out of the Shadows, and enjoy it just as much as I have. Get your copy on Amazon. com HERE!!!! and find out about the author: HERE!!!

Rating: 5/5

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