Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dark Side of Night by Amanda Day Review

Dark Side of Night is the first book review anyone has ever asked me to do. I was super excited about reading this book after I got the e-mail asking if I would review Dark Side of Night. So thank you Amanda Day the author of this amazing book for asking me to do this book review, and introducing this book to me.

Everybody knows a boy like Oscar.

He’s popular at college, fun and good looking.

When Oscar is viciously attacked in the City by men with long curved teeth and eyes that glow, a mysterious girl appears in a frightening storm of knives and skill to save his life.

Nobody knows a girl like Cyan.

Her ice-white eyes show the pain of her broken soul.

Self-appointed warrior, she fights against the darkness and shadows of a world hidden to most. She considers saving a boy’s life just part of her job, so Cyan is more than surprised when Oscar comes looking for her.

He wants answers. She wants to be left alone.

Cyan isn’t sure how to let someone into her life, and maybe even her heart, after decades alone, while Oscar isn’t sure if the world he has willingly stepped into is too much to take.

As night and day collide with painful consequences, they are left asking if love really can conquer all… even when it seems impossible?

  • Honestly I didn't know what to think of this book from the description.  After reading this book, let's just say the description is not much to go off of. 
  • I think the cover is completely amazing.
  • There aren't many dull moments throughout the book. There is major action from the beginning of the book and I honestly mean the very beginning to the very end. The book does leave off with unanswered questions, but I felt that that was okay, because of how the story was set up.
  • The book is full of mostly description, and interactions between the two main characters: Oscar and Cyan. The Dark Side of Night is filled with mysterious strange creatures, Cyan's dark past, and the many other scary things that go bump in the night. 
  • Each chapter switched of between Oscar and Cyan. The pair are such an unlikely pair. Where Oscar is full of energy and always looks on the bright side, Cyan is the complete opposite. 
  • Both characters are surprisingly likeable and you cant help but hope they end up together in the end. no love triangle, but still major complications with the "relationship."
  • Oscar is a really great character. He's noble, friendly, just an all around perfect person.
    Cyan on the other hand has a dark past and a brooding personality. She kind of reminded me off Katnis from the Hunger Games Trilogy, not the same just similar in many aspects.

  Overall, absolutely adored this story. Also, I loved how throughout the story you can see why it is called "dark side of night" which is neat-o, because is was a main theme throughout the book. 
Rating 5/5

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