Sunday, July 22, 2012

Calling All Followers

Hello everyone, now I know I don't usually do posts on Sunday. The main reason being that I am usually working on my Tuesday post.
  • What is my Tuesday post you ask? Well it's my Book Release Tuesday post where I list ALL the books I can find that are going to be released that week. It usually takes me about two days to go through the list of 200 books and figure out what day they are being released. Plus I link all of the books back to It takes fooorever.
  • I am making this post today to give a shout out to my new followers!!! Thank you so so much. I truly appreciate that you are now following my blog.
  • Now I am still hosting a blog giveaway for one Demon Kissed e-book for those interested, please go HERE. You signing up would really help me out a whole bunchies. 8)
  • Now I have been thinking since I have such awesome followers, that if my blog can get up to 50 followers, I will host a giveaway, of any two or three books, that my followers hearts desires. Deal? You will have to be a follower for this giveaway, and when you become a follower or are already a follower comment or e-mail me a book you would want. So comment anytime anywhere on my blog for the book or your choice. One book per blogger please 8)
  • Have an awesome Sunday!!!
  • Oh and if anyone wants the scrolly thingy I make for my Tuesday postings, please feel free to let me know and I will gladly send it to you for your blog.
  • Happy Reading 8)

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