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Valefar Vol. 2 Review

Valefar Vol. 2 by H.M. Ward
The dangerous and beautiful Collin Smith just made the biggest mistake of his life, and there is no way to fix it. In his quest to restore his soul, he destroyed the only person he truly cared about, Ivy Taylor. Collin tries to deny his love for her, but his desire to protect Ivy drives him to do things Valefar shouldn't do. If Collin exposes his weakness—his affection for Ivy—he endangers them both and risks the wrath of Kreturus.

The VALEFAR volumes are meant to read in one sitting, and generally takes about an hour. VALEFAR VOL. 2 is a YA Paranormal Romance and has 13,223 words (90 pages). VALEFAR VOL. 3 will be released Summer 2012.
 (Synopsis from
 From first reading Demon Kissed I have loved Collin. He's so totally sexy even though he's evil and not evil, but he is evil. Okay that didn't make sense. Let me start over.
  • Collin Smith is Valefar, which is a soul sucking demon who isn't supposed to feel emotions of any kind. Now that being said, Collin also has a soul. Which means he is a soul sucking demon with feelings. Making him completely sexy.
  •  I was extremely excited to hear that H.M. Ward was going to be writing a back story on Collin. I always love reading the back story on different characters and really wanted to know what life as Collin would be like.
  •  Valefar Vol. 2 didn't disappoint. I loved how he is such a strong, loyal, and caring person, but also lets his Valefar side out. Hearing about why he let the word "SLUT" to be written across Ivy's locker, and reading about why he hung out with Nichole was interesting too, because I never would have thought that he hated her as much as he does. 
  • Totally awesome to hear. This is a short read, however, wouldn't suggest reading this unless you've already read Valefar Vol. 1
  • Valefar Vol. 2 is a lot like the rest of H.M. Wards original series Demon Kissed. Filled with whirl wind emotions, and problems too big for this world, let alone one person. This the extreme conflict that shadows over the entire series.
  • So there you have it!! This short story is completely awesome, I really can't wait until they get Collins picture on these!!!!  
Favorite Quote:
"It's not optional, Taylor. You need some sunshine." She rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything, Collin reached for her. Caught her off guard, she didn't know what he was doing. Ive felt his hand slide around her waist and before she knew it, Collin was thrusting her over his shoulder and standing up.
She screamed, arms flailing, "Put me down!"
He laughed, "Yeah that's not gonna happen."

Rating: 5/5

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