Thursday, February 14, 2019

Do We Need Happy Endings?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I've been thinking about doing this post after I finished a book that totally just ruined the series for me and I asked myself, "Do I need happy endings?"

Here's what I mean; when you read an entire series does it need to have a somewhat happy or at least a somewhat satisfactory ending for it to be a good story?

Now before I begin my possibly long-winded explanation of this I need to say: SPOILER WARNING. If you do not want any spoilers for some series in your future (very near future) please do not continue reading.

Okay, so with that out of the way here is the series that "started" the idea for this post for me.

You can read more about the series HERE if you're so inclined. I have not posted my reviews for these books yet, but my ratings are on Goodreads.

Mila 2.0 was looking to be one of my favorite series. Mila is a kick-ass female android lead.

Not this kind

She wants a normal life but is being hunted down by government agents for her body parts. Yeah, it's really messed up, but super amazing.

I got through book one and immediately (unbeknownst to my husbandator) bought books two and three. I dug right in after the holiday's past and book two is on my favorites list. I set book two down and sat in a huddle with book three until I finished the story. Here is where I have the problem. Books one, two, and three all focus around Mila's journey to discovering her android and human self. There's a love interest, friends are involved, and high stakes. Then the book ends super tragically with SPOILERS!!!!! our main heroine, Mila, dead. I mean WTF? All this set-up with love interests and wanting to see who she ends up with and how she takes down the evil government and she F-ING DIES!!!! I was pretty freaking upset because it just ends there. We don't find out what happens to the other characters or anything. It sucked.

This ending posed the question of 'do I need a happy ending for the main character for me to like the book?' That ending for me changed the entire way I see the series. It definitely won't be on my re-read list any time soon (or maybe ever). I think back to other books and series I've read that have had similar endings and I feel like I might. I've had series I completely love until the ending of the final book has me tossing the entire series on the ground in a huff.

Take all these books and series:

All of these had some pretty craptastic endings. Death of love interest or main character or the main character goes crazy. I'm just not a fan of this at all. I like a satisfactory conclusion where maybe not everyone is happy, but at least I think the main character is somewhat okay and a-freaking-live you know?

Take the Infernal Devices trilogy:

The ending of that series had me both crying and cheering. Again SPOILERS: Will at the end in the far (kind of) future passes away of old age. It was a beautiful ending for him and Tessa. Tessa loved both Will and Jem throughout the series and I had a difficult time with who choosing who I wanted her to end up with. This ending was spectacular however in that all three get to be together at some point. Years and years later Tessa ends up with Jem. It's beautiful. I cried like a baby.

I think that's what I needed for Mila 2.0. Some kind of closure and knowing what happened to the characters.

Now take the amazing Harry Potter series:

Would this series been nearly half as good if after Voldemort kills Harry that we never find out what happens? I highly doubt it. I feel like we would all feel so cheated, which is exactly how I felt about the Mila 2.0 series.

I for sure know that after all the suffering these characters went through, I wanted them to have some sort of closure (that's not death). I'm not saying be married with kids kind of ending, but something that gives them some sort of okayness after everything's over.

Which of these ideas do you hold to? No happy endings or a happy ending only comes after lots of ups and downs?

I struggle with this and even after writing all this and thinking it through I still, haven't the faintest idea.

What are your thoughts? Do you need books with happy endings?

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