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Turned by a Tiger Book Tour Materials

Turned by a Tiger (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 12) by Felicity Heaton – Book Tour and Giveaway
Turned by a Tiger (Eternal Mates Romance Series Book 12) by Felicity Heaton

On the verge of bleeding out and hunted by his merciless torturers, Talon has no choice but to seek sanctuary at Underworld, a nightclub run by a jaguar shifter liable to kill him on sight for being a tiger shifter male. What he finds in the old warehouse isn’t the grim shadow of Death though but an angel of mercy, one who offers him salvation and revenge—one who happens to be his fated mate.

Tending bar at Underworld is never dull when you’re a mortal surrounded by immortals, but when a gorgeous tiger shifter covered in blood stumbles into the club, and set’s fire to her boss’s temper, Sherry’s entire world is in danger of being turned on its head. Something about the mysterious warrior has her stepping in to save him, something that ignites her heart and stirs her soul, and no matter how fiercely she fights it, she can’t hold herself back.

When Talon reveals the name of his captors, and his plan to head back in to save his friends, will Sherry be brave enough to embrace the feelings he stirs in her and step deeper into the world of immortals? And will Talon be strong enough to resist the lure of Sherry to protect his family’s secret or will he risk everything to claim his eternal mate?


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Tiger hit the floor.
Sherry looked down at him as she stepped back from Iolanthe, unsurprised by the fact he was out cold. She felt dizzy enough herself and she was at full strength. Her living room wobbled around the edges of her vision, the cream walls blending with her dark violet couch and the oak cabinets and TV stand into a blur of colour.
She eased down into a crouch beside him and pressed her palm to his forehead. What the hell was she doing? It wasn’t as if she knew what temperature a tiger shifter normally ran at. She didn’t know anything about his species.
She barely knew anything about jaguars and snow leopards, and she had been working with those for years.
But then, other than a few scrapes from when fights broke out in Underworld, neither of them had ever been injured like this.
Neither of them had ever needed her to take care of them.
Sherry looked up at Iolanthe where she towered over her, a stunning vision in black skin-tight armour that moulded to her shapely body and looked designed to get the attention of any males in the vicinity rather than protect the wearer of it.
Apparently, it was designed for the men in her species, and as far as Iolanthe knew, she was the only woman in possession of a set of armour.
She couldn’t quite figure out why Iolanthe had chosen to wear it to teleport the tiger to her apartment. It wasn’t as if the guy was a threat to Iolanthe, not in his current condition anyway.
Unless Kyter had wanted his beloved covered from neck to toe so the tiger couldn’t see any skin. Which was stupid. Because the armour just made Iolanthe look as if someone had painted her naked body black.
But then, the workings of a male cat shifter’s mind were often dumb, especially when it came to their women.
Kyter had done enough stupid things in the months since he and Iolanthe had got together, everything from trying to stop his mate from doing her work as a treasure hunter to attempting to hide all her weapons so she couldn’t get into any fights, and therefore in his eyes would be absolutely safe from harm.
Which worked for about five seconds before Iolanthe got into a fight and tried to teleport her weapons to her only to find herself cut off from them.
It seemed her boss still hadn’t learned that he couldn’t stop Iolanthe from doing what she wanted and was just going to have to accept that he had a mate who was strong, and fiercely independent.
Sherry blamed cat shifter society for his behaviour. From what she could tell, women of that world were meant to be all docile and gentle, and in need of a big man to protect them.
She looked back at Tiger.
Was his world like that? Did he expect her to faint at the sight of blood or swoon if someone fought in front of her and cower in fear, waiting for a big man to save her?
Like hell. Life had moulded her into a fighter. If her history with her father hadn’t made her strong, then the year she had spent on the streets before Kyter had taken her in certainly had.
And then Kyter had done his best to make her stronger still, paying for lessons in every damned martial art known to man.
Odd how he wanted her to know how to fight and defend herself, had equipped her with the knowledge and weapons to do just that, but he couldn’t bring himself to let Iolanthe do the same thing.
Maybe it was one rule for the humans and another for beautiful immortal fae in his eyes.
Or maybe it was because he viewed her as a little sister, and Iolanthe was his mate, and therefore infinitely more precious to him.
How did it feel to be that way to someone?
She considered asking Iolanthe and then immediately scrubbed that idea. She didn’t walk in her world. There was no special fated one for her, a one-in-the-world person who had been made just for her. She was just a human, and all that awaited her in life was a string of attempts at love, most of which would fail horribly, and the rest would only fail.
Love was painful and messy.
Life was easier without it.
She had seen that for herself.
She had lived it.
Iolanthe stooped and grabbed the tiger as if he weighed nothing, scooping him up into her arms. It looked ridiculous as the slender elf carried the huge hulking man across the room to the door to the bedroom.
“In here?” Iolanthe glanced over her shoulder at her.
She nodded and got to her feet, and stifled a yawn as she walked across her apartment, kicking her trainers off as she went and leaving them in the middle of the wooden floor. Iolanthe paused again at the side of the double bed.
“You might want to protect the sheets. He’s going to make an unholy mess of things otherwise.”
Sure, his blood would blend with the burgundy colour of her sheets, and she could wash it out of them, but it would soak through and stain her mattress. She couldn’t afford a new mattress and she was damned if she was sleeping on a bloodstained one.
She opened the cupboard set into the wall near the door to her bedroom and took down a stack of towels of all different colours, and went into the bedroom, passing Iolanthe where she stood looking as if the half-dead man in her arms was as light as a feather and no bother at all.
Sherry laid the towels on the bed, four layers deep and hopefully thick enough to soak up any remaining blood before it reached the mattress.
The moment she stepped back, Iolanthe dumped Tiger on them, dusted off her hands and turned away. “He’s all yours.”
“Gee, thanks.” Sherry looked him over, at all the blood on him and the wounds that littered his chest and arms. Some of them looked like burns. She carefully moved his left arm away from his stomach and grimaced at the deep gash across it. Panic clamped icy hands around her heart and she swiftly turned to face Iolanthe. “Wait.”
The beautiful elf looked back at her, her dark hair shimmering with blue as it caught the light coming in from the living room.
“I… haven’t a damn clue what I’m doing.” Her shoulders slumped as she admitted that, some of the tension that had been building inside her since offering to take care of him and keep him safe from Archangel washing away. It felt good to stand up and scream that she was in unknown waters and had zero knowledge of how to traverse them.
Iolanthe casually rolled her shoulders. “Just clean the blood off and patch him up.”
“That’s it?” She felt stupid for asking now. “Like a human?”
Iolanthe laughed.
“What were you expecting? Some elaborate ritual or special medicine? He’ll heal quicker than a human if that makes it more magical for you… but really… shifters aren’t that different to you. Even elves just get patched up with bandages when injured… unless they are twisted bastards that enjoy immense pain.” She shuddered, her pretty face draining of colour and her violet eyes telling Sherry she didn’t want to know. “I’d better go. Kyter will be having cubs. You know what he’s like if I’m near another male. Will you be alright?”
Why did everyone keep asking her that?
She wasn’t weak or liable to break. She was strong enough to deal with this stranger and take care of herself.
“Of course.” She wished there had been more conviction behind those two words, the amount she had meant to put into them.
They had come out unsteady though, laced with nerves and doubt. Iolanthe lingered a moment, studying her closely, and then disappeared, leaving a shimmering patch of air behind her that soon settled.
Sherry looked at the shifter in her bed.
She would be alright.
She would.
Her nerves picked up, kicking into high gear as the apartment fell silent save the sound of her breathing, and it dawned on her that she was alone with him again.
Alone with a shifter who looked even bigger now that he was in her double bed.
A sigh escaped her before she could bite it back.
He was gorgeous.
Not just his face either, which was a little rugged but sublimely masculine and alluring even with the long wild black hair and thick beard, and his eyes closed, hiding those striking amber irises from her.
Every inch of him was honed, packed with muscle born of physical labour and not hours in the gym.
She could almost feel how powerful he was just by looking at him, felt bone-deep aware of his strength and prowess as she stood sentinel over him, and felt drawn to him in a way she had never experienced before.
He lit up every inch of her, stirred her desire and sparked her soul, woke her heart and rattled her so hard she wasn’t sure what the hell she was doing.
She could only stare at him, could only inch towards him and be closer to him, but even when her knees hit the edge of the mattress she wasn’t close enough to satisfy the need he had triggered in her the first time she had looked into his eyes.
She needed to be closer still.
What was he doing to her?
She wanted to blame the fact she hadn’t been with a man in a long time, and he was one hell of a fine specimen of one, but part of her was too aware that it ran deeper than that.
That she felt drawn to him because she felt strangely connected to him.
Shit, she was in over her head.

Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

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