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Tour for Sarah Castille's FIGHTING ATTRACTION

Four sexy MMA fighters who will fight hard to win their women. Fans of Real, Beautiful Disaster, Worth the Fight, and Fifty Shades of Grey will love this standalone addition to the Redemption series by New York Times Bestselling author Sarah Castille.

Snag your copy of FIGHTING ATTRACTION or add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads! Then keep reading to get a sexy peek inside FIGHTING ATTRACTION and to enter the giveaway for the first three books in the Redemption series! 
About the book
My sweet, sexy Penny has a dark side. Just like me.
I will have her. And then I will lose her, and suffer a lifetime of regret.

Rampage. Everyone loves him. He is Redemption's top heavyweight fighter and the biggest gossip in the gym. But he isn't the teddy bear everyone thinks he is. He's hiding a dark secret-and he hates himself for it.

Twice a week, Rampage transforms into Master Jack, a notorious dom only the most hard-core submissives will play with. How can he-a Southern gentleman, bred to respect and protect women-want to dominate them?

But Penny Worthington wants him. Beneath her pearls, kitten heels, and prim British exterior beats a tortured heart...Master Jack is the only one who can set her free.
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Reese's Review:
Sarah Castille has done it again. I swear I went from not hearing about her at all to scrambling to read all her books in a rush. I honestly feel like I’ll never get enough because her books are beyond awesome!!!

We’re back at Redemption with Jack aka Rampage and Penny’s story. Rampage is everyone’s friend at Rampage but he has a dark secret, a secret even he’s ashamed of. When he was younger he fell in love with a girl who broke his heart and his family apart by revealing his secret to them. Now Rampage works on being the best fighter he can be and keeping his dark urges to himself. See Rampage is a sadist who takes out his aggression and sexual urges by “beating” on women at a BDSM club. When Rampage starts seeing Penny in a non-friend way he thinks he has to stay away because she’s too clean for him. Funny enough she thinks the same thing about Rampage. Penny has been through a lot and needs pain to get through the bad days. If you can guess where their story goes Penny finds out about Jack’s secret and Jack finds out about Penny’s and they realize they’re perfect for each other. Of course, there are complications like every love story and Jack is a real douche canoe sometimes, but no one is perfect.

I loved Fighting Attraction. The story is dark, edgy and fan needing hot. I couldn’t ask for a better story. While there are aspects of BDSM, erotic yumminess and really yummy men with abs there is also a story behind Fighting Attraction. There are amazing characters who grow throughout the story and I grew to adore.

Penny is an adorably curvy British woman who has escaped one abusive relationships after another. She kind of believes there is something broken about her until she sees Jack’s true dark side. I loved how realistic their dynamic was. I won’t give anything away but I love that she wasn’t able to take everything he gave her physically because honestly he’s a very powerful man. It would be almost insane to think she’d be able to take it. Penny is seriously relatable as well. I can’t count how many times I have done what she does where she tries to please everyone around her but herself. Where when she fails, she thinks she’s worthless. Honestly her flaws as much as everything else made me love her character.

Jack is yummy is all ways. Sometimes I just wanted to shake him, because after intimate times he was such a butt it’s like “get your stuff together and take care of your woman!!” but I digress because in the end he got it. I also love how protective he got. Little by little he was making sure everyone knew Penny was his without realizing he was doing it and sometimes without telling Penny. It was funny to see them go head to head.

On the side note I was super happy to read about Ray again. I loved him in the previous book and I found his super funny in this one. He was like a scary teddy bear.

If whoever is reading this hasn’t guessed I really enjoyed this book a whole bunch. I thought everything was perfect and the characters and story were phenomenal.

Redemption Series:
Against the Ropes | In Your Corner | Full Contact | Fighting Attraction

PRAISE for Sarah Castille's Redemption series:

"Powerful. Gritty. And sexy beyond belief. Sarah is a true master!"- Opal Carew, New York Times bestselling author of HIS TO CLAIM

"Hilarious, hot and occasionally heartbreaking. I loved it!"- Maryse's Book Blog on AGAINST THE ROPES

"Castille's follow-up to the excellent Against the Ropes doesn't pull its punches." - Publishers Weekly, starred review for IN YOUR CORNER

"Emotionally charged, amazingly sexy, and flat out fantastic."- Fresh Fiction on FULL CONTACT

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Read a smokin’ hot excerpt from Fighting Attraction!
Copyright © 2017 Sarah Castille

“You’re so fucking soft,” he breathes. “So sweet.” He presses a kiss to my neck as his hands move over my body. I wrap my arms around his neck, pull him down for more. I want his full weight on top of me. I want to feel crushed, smothered, enveloped in hot, musky male.
Jack groans. His hips press into my stomach, his erection a delicious friction between my thighs. I part my legs wider, grind against him, seeking the delicious sensation of rough denim on my throbbing clit.
“Shh. Slow down. I want to enjoy you.” He trails kisses down my neck, over my throat. Shifting to the side, he cups and squeezes my breasts through my bra, his touch solid and strong. I writhe and wriggle, unable to stay still. He is driving me crazy with his touches, making me so wet it’s all I can do not to rip off his clothes and make him give me what I want.
His eyes darken, and he shoves my shirt up over my head, baring me to his heated gaze. “Ah, Pen.”
My hands find his back and smooth over his muscles, feeling them ripple beneath his shirt as he slides one bra strap over my shoulder. His breathing is heavy, his gaze intense as his head dips down to press a soft kiss to my bare skin.
He slides the other strap off, slowly, gently, carefully unwrapping me as if he is teasing himself. I arch my back, offer my breasts for the pleasure of his mouth. Beyond rational thought, I am lost in sensation, a seething, yearning mass of want.
Jack traces his finger along the edge of my bra, leaving a burning trail across my skin. With painful slowness, he eases the cups down, releasing my breasts from their restraint. I gasp when my burning skin comes into contact with the cool air, and my nipples bead so hard they ache.
I want his mouth on me, his lips, and his heat. But he doesn’t oblige. Instead, he traces a finger around my nipple. Around and around until I tangle my hands in his soft hair and pull him down to my breast. “Please.”
“You’re making it very difficult to go slow.” He feathers hot kisses across the curve of one breast, moving down to draw my left nipple between his teeth. I moan as he licks and sucks, nips and bites, while his other hand squeezes and caresses my right breast. My thighs fall open, inviting, and he lowers his hand to my leg and traces his finger slowly along the sensitive skin of my inner thigh.
I have never known lust like this, want so fierce I burn, need so intense I ache. He is a master of manipulation, a purveyor of pleasure. He knows just where to touch and how hard. He knows how to drive me up and take me down, when I can’t take any more and when it isn’t enough. I try not to think about where he gained all that knowledge, the countless women he’s been with, the things he has done to them in his room at the club. I pretend I am the only one he has caressed into a haze of lust, the only one he wants.
I open my eyes to see him watching me, assessing my reaction to his touch. I feel at once stripped bare and treasured by the intensity of his focus. He moves to my other breast, pulling down my bra cup, teasing and torturing my nipple with his mouth. He trails his fingers up my thigh and then cups the curve of my sex, over my wet knickers. I let out a guttural moan and in seconds he’s on top of me, as if I’ve broken his self-control. He kisses me hard, rough, grinds his hips against me as he presses me into the couch. I reach for him, and he grabs my wrists with one hand and pins them over my head. He pushes my knickers aside and strokes a thick finger along my labia while he sucks and bites my nipple until I am writhing and groaning beneath him.
“Please,” I moan. “Please. Please. Please.”
“Tell me what you want.” He buries his face in my neck, bites down on the sensitive skin at the top of my shoulder.
“Sex. I want to have sex. I want you inside me. Now. Take off my clothes.”
His hand tightens on my wrists so hard it hurts. “I don’t have normal sex,” he growls. “If I take off your clothes, I’m going to hurt you. I need your pain, darlin’. Can you give it to me?”

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Grand Prize: One (1) lucky winner will receive paperback copies of the first three books in the Redemption series (AGAINST THE ROPES, IN YOUR CORNER, AND FULL CONTACT)
Runners up: Three (3) readers will win Sarah’s bonus novella, YIELD TO ME! (Physical copies for both prizes are available for shipping addresses in US and CA. E-books will be delivered to all other locations)  

ABOUT Sarah Castille
Sarah Castille is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Redemption Series, Ruin & Revenge Series, Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series, Legal Heat series and the Club Excelsior series. A recovering lawyer with a fondness for dirty-talking alpha males, she now is a full-time writer, who lives on Vancouver Island.

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