Sunday, October 9, 2016

Beyond the Books- Doggy Love

Hiya all, welcome to Beyond the Books this post was inspired by Brandee @Bookworm Brandee who was inspired by Lexxie @Unconventional Bookviews' Up Close and (Un)conventional, who was inspired by Cuddlebuggery. This post is a way for you to get to me know better, beyond the books! hehe

If you've followed my blog in the last year you may know I got a puppy a couple weeks after I got married. My husband and I are huge comic books fans so we named our little puppy Speedy after Green Arrow's sidekick(the female one).

I'm happy to say that while we named her before we knew if she would live up to her name, she is very fast. Although I guess if she hadn't that would also be very funny. She's a shit-poo (half shitzu/ half poodle).

This is when we first got her and were on the way home. She grew into her harness.

My Speedy loves her mommy. 

And there she is smiling, if you look closely you can also see my books in the background. I wake up to her face like this often.

She's the bestest puppy ever and I couldn't imagine my life without her.
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