Thursday, October 20, 2016

ARC Review: Dallas Fire and Rescue (Affinity)

Dallas Fire and Rescue: Affinity
Soulful Hearts #1
Kindle Edition, 105 pages
Published by Kindle Worlds
Release Date: October 11th 2016

Special Agent Jada Alexander has a great life working for the ATF’s S.E.E.K. unit, but she wishes her nights were filled with more than just Netflix marathons with her fur babies. She yearns for companionship, and while her quirks and fandoms keep her utterly entertained, it’s not the same as having someone to come home to.

When a blast from her past comes back into Jada’s life, she’s thrown for a loop, especially when both Dali and Poe act nothing like the dog and cat she’s come to know and love. They immediately accept the irresistible Nicklaus, and she begins to wonder if she has found her soul mate, her very own Viking god to warm her dark nights.

Until Klaus shatters her heart and tells her that he only wants her as a friend, that he’s not ready for a relationship. The problem…she’s already half in love with him, and now their lives are so intertwined, she might lose more than just the guy she was hoping to have forever with. She may lose all of her friends from Dallas Fire and Rescue, as well.

Jada’s life becomes much like the movies and songs constantly cycling through her head, but the question is, will she get her happily ever after with the matching ballad soundtrack, or will it be a tragedy with a death metal score?

Reese's Review:
The gloriousness of Tigris Eden never ceases to amaze. Yet another book where Tigris Eden has just blown my expectations for how good she is out of the water. I swear with every book her writing just becomes better and better. So much love. I will try and refrain from gushing for the entire review, but no promises.

Special Agent Jada Alexander works for the fire department with her dog to detect how the fires were caused. She’s spent a good portion of her life working and hasn’t had a lot of luck with men. Especially since her cat and dog won’t let anyone other than perfection touch her body; and that hasn’t happened yet. When she’s about to have a very hot one-night stand with the yummiest man she’s ever seen she finds a wedding ring and busts butt to get out of there. Now a while later Jada is running into her sexy Viking of a man yet again and this time he’s intent on keeping her. Becoming more than friends with benefits with Klaus seems impossible, especially after he shares a secret that connects them to each other.

Wowza I was just blown away by Affinity. Such a great story.

Jada is such a cute sassy character. She’s hard working and so funny and always honest. I love how she stands up for herself and owns her inner girl power throughout the book. I also love that she wallows in sadness when she has a break-up and wants to avoid Klaus. So realistic.

Klaus and Jada’s relationship is so cute and super complicated. Klaus has a lot of baggage and sadly that comes out for a bit in their relationship which ends up hurting Jada a lot. I just love them together. I like that it wasn’t only about sex, since they had dates and actual conversations.

If you have yet to read any books by Tigris Eden you need to get it together and go pick up one of her books. This one is good. Think about it.

One of Tigris’ fondest memories, was in the sixth grade, when her teacher read her story, “The Case of The Missing Pepperoni”, out loud to the class. It was then she decided she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. But like all childhood dreams, reality has a way of crashing in and disrupting plans. But her imagination and the voices inside her head never stopped talking. Every dream she could remember was jotted down in her dream journals.

When she’s not writing Tigris marvel’s at life’s gifts. She likes to take pictures of beautiful things. She openly admits that what she may find beautiful another person might not, and she’s perfectly okay with that. She enjoys her music and doesn’t leave home without it. Long pillow conversations with LL about nonsensical things, and hanging out with her boys, when they deem her “cool enough.”

Tigris is a military brat who’s done her fair share of travelling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.

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