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Review: Just for Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Just for Fins
Fins #2
Paperback, 256 pages
Published by Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date: July 2nd 2013

Tera Lynn Childs brings a delightful mix of wit, romance, and fantasy to her books. Fins, her YA mermaid series, is a great pick for fans of Meg Cabot’s humorous love stories.

In Just for Fins, third in the series, half-human, half-mermaid Lily Sanderson has decided to remain Crown Princess Waterlily of the mermaid kingdom Thalassinia. She’s made a promise to help to help Prince Tellin. Climate change and human pollution are causing suffering in his kingdom, and Lily and Tellin have to convince all the mermaid royals to work together to save the oceans.

Lily is distracted by the situation with Quince, the boy she loves. He must pass three tests to prove his love for her or they will be parted forever.

Reese's Reviews:
Just for Fins in so absolutely adorable. Seriously if you’re feeling a YA withdraw and want a completely innocent and cute YA book The Fins series is the series for you. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe how light and fluffy I felt after reading this one.

Lily has done everything she can do be with her true love Quincy and keep her kingdom in the sea. It’s a huge balancing act and she is often overwhelmed by it all. Lily knows the ocean is dying and the mer-people need help but she has a lot to learn about politics. I enjoyed the use of school organizations mixed with mer-politics that Just for Fins had in this story. It really made me laugh at home we can use different aspects of school life to help us further our development in life.

Lily has grown a lot from book one to Just for Fins and even still in this story she grows into a stronger character who has her weaknesses, but will fight to protect the one’s she cares about. Lily is truly a great character and a complete dork as she accidently dyes her hair blue. Oops.

Quince is a super swoony motorcycle-riding hunk who loves Lily and will do anything for her, like swim the entire length of an ocean for two days even though he can’t swim very well. Seriously we all need a Quince. My hubby might look at the length of the ocean for me, but not swim it.

Anyway Just for Fins super cute, super short story that I thought was a perfect read. I will miss this series.

example, example, exampleTera Lynn Childs is the RITA-award-winning author of the mythology-based Oh.My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp, the mermaid tales Forgive My Fins, Fins Are Forever and Just For Fins, and a kick-butt trilogy about monster-hunting descendants of Medusa that includes Sweet Venom, Sweet Shadows, and Sweet Legacy. She has published two e-novellas, Goddess In Time and Pretty In Pearls, and self-published her City Chicks sweet chick lit series. Tera lives nowhere in particular and spends her time writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages.

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