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Review: Bronze Gods by A.A. Aguirre

Bronze Gods
Apparatus Infernum #1
Paperback, 322 pages
Published by Ace
Release Date: April 30th 2013

Hy Breasil is grimmer than it used to be.

Before the Architect closed the door, there were regular crossings, and a great war decimated both humans and Ferishers. The native fae who refused to treat with the invaders faded; their bodies withered and died, stranding them as hungry, angry spirits that haunt the countryside.

That means there’s always trouble brewing in Dorstaad.

Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko work for the Criminal Investigation Department, keeping citizens safe from things that go bump in the night. He’s a hardboiled cynic with an uncanny sixth sense; she’s determined to justify her promotion as the first female detective in her division. Together, they’re trying to keep a black tide from drowning the city.

But when the second body surfaces, murdered with the same type of infernal device, the entire CID must face the truth. There’s a madman on the loose, twining magic and blood… and only Mikani and Ritsuko can unravel the intricate, lethal conspiracy before the Royale killer completes his macabre plan, unleashing old, forbidden magic on an unsuspecting populace. If the maniac succeeds, it could mean the end of everything…

Reese's Review
I had gotten the second book in this series for review so I went out and grabbed the first one for my shelf and then let them both sit there for a year or more. Terrible I know. I had honestly tried to pick the books up before and it just wasn’t clicking for me. I mean I am a huge fan of Ann Aguirre’s YA and NA books but her Adult Fiction books? I just couldn’t bring myself to pick them up. Finally, I put them up on my Authors to Finish challenge and finally got the reading them. What an idiot I was to doubt that I would love these books. Seriously amazing.

The world of Bronze Gods is a mix of magic, fantasy, mystery, brutal murders, and has a steampunk vibe to it if you didn’t gage that from the cover. There once was a way for the faerie kingdoms to go back and forth between the realms, until a man named The Architect closed the doors. There are definitely a lot of politics in this world when it comes to who can do what and where due to territory issues.

In the middle of all of this are our main characters Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko who work for the CID or Criminal Investigation Department. Celeste is the first and only woman to become an investigator and deals with a lot of issues with always having to prove herself at work. Her partner Janus has special powers that help them solve cases super fast. While he is known for causing fights and getting into trouble they work well as a team.

Until girls with powerful families of the Courts are being brutally murdered with strange machines and the more evidence the two detectives turn up leads them to another body or into more danger.  This case backed by the Court houses could mean Celeste could lose her job as a detective and Janus could lose his best friend and partner.

Now there is a budding romance. I like how it starts as a slow burn throughout the book. Nothing really happens since Ann Aguirre always tries to keep her books realistic, but the romance is there and I was definitely rooting for it.

This whole book had me on the edge of my seat and had my mind whirling with questions and possibilities. Seriously there is never a dull moment in this book, and I wad forced (happily) to pay attention to everything that was happening since every detail was important. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read the sequel. This writing couple certainly did a fantastic job.

I’m not sure what type of books you would have to enjoy to like this book, but I seriously enjoyed so if you usually like the books I read I guess that could be a clue you may like this one. If you like humorous books with dark edges, murder mystery, fantasy feely books with a strong female character and a sexy cocky smart male lead with alternating POV’s you may need to check this book out. Don’t go off of the description completely since it’s confusing.

A.A. Aguirre is the pseudonym for Ann Aguirre & Andres Aguirre, a husband-wife writing team. She specializes in compelling characters; he excels at meticulous worldbuilding. By day, she's a bestselling novelist, and he is a pharmaceuticals tycoon.

Born in Mexico, Andres spent his early years traveling and getting in trouble everywhere else. Along the way, he got a degree from Pepperdine in economics and international business. Ann was born in the Midwest and has a degree in English Literature from Ball State.

Now settled, if not fully domesticated, Andres lives with his love, Ann, their fantastic kids, two whiny cats, and a wistful dog.

Together, they form Megatron. Or not. Actually, they write books.

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