Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Blitz Request: Finders Keep Her

Finders Keep Her By H.B. Stumbo
Genre: Romantic

A continuation of the Hide and Seek Her series

I had survived time. Above everything I had been through, every bruise, cut, blow to the head or blow to the heart, nothing left a scar quite like that of time. It was unreal to me that I was even still breathing. I felt like breathing was a chore, one that I could have and should have given up but by some crazy divine power, I was meant to live. Time was the enemy. Time was the hardest thing I would have to get through. I was haunted.

Haunted by two ghosts and time.

Jackson Greene; the worst part of my life that would never let me be. Vance Wait; the best thing that ever happened to me that left a sour taste in his wake. Two ghosts with two different motives.

I may be surviving time, but I had a feeling that time was going to eventually kill me.

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