Friday, December 11, 2015

Blog Tour: Last Stop: Paris by John Pearce

"An exhilarating journey that will satisfy the most avid thriller reader" - Kirkus Reviews

A full-throttle adventure through modern Europe and the Mediterranean ... that’s part thriller, part mystery, and all rollicking ride.

Pearce again accomplishes every thriller writer’s aim: creating characters that the readers can root for and a believable, fast-paced storyline. The climax and denouement bring the storylines together neatly, but fans will see that there may yet be room for another book in the series.
When readers last saw Eddie Grant in Treasure of Saint-Lazare (2012), he was hot on the trail of Nazi war loot in the company of his on-again, off-again lover, Jen. As readers return to Eddie’s shadowy world of undercover deals and thugs in the employ of crime bosses, they find a quieter, more mature Eddie, now married to AurĂ©lie, a scholar of some note, and living in pleasant domestic bliss. Onto this romantic scene come several of Eddie’s friends, who alert him to suspicious activity within his social circle, involving a man with criminal intentions and an interest in gold. Shortly afterward, a mysterious murder implicates another character from Eddie’s past. As he looks into the matter, AurĂ©lie soon finds herself in danger; at the same time, Jen reappears in Eddie’s life, and he’s simultaneously drawn to her and eager to avoid falling into bed with her again. Soon, he and his comrades must track down another ring of criminals and protect themselves from fatal retribution.

Last Stop: Paris excerpt 250 words
Disappointed, Josep stopped at the corner to ponder his next step. To the left were broader sidewalks and brighter lights leading to Boulevard des Invalides and Napoleon’s Tomb, where a few taxis still passed. To the right, the street was more residential — a comfortable, quiet neighborhood. He decided for no particular reason to go to the right and tugged gently on the leash. In seconds, he passed from the brilliance of M. Duclair’s restaurant windows to the gloom that could have been almost any residential street, if not for the darkened Republican Guard barracks and, a few doors down, a commercial building whose windows had been bricked up for so long Josep had lost all memory of who occupied it.
Odette pulled him toward a familiar place on the curb just beyond the front door of a building much like his, with a carved stone doorframe and wrought-iron balconies. 
She squatted next to a Peugeot and Josep imagined just for an instant that he heard a contented sigh. As he moved a half step closer to relieve the tension on the leash, a drawn-out cry of pure fear came from above. He looked up in panic to see a man falling past the second floor, his arms and legs flailing madly. Josep jumped back an instant before the man’s head struck the car’s fender and split, spraying blood and brains in every direction, but mainly on Josep’s face and treasured old jacket. His body fell squarely on Odette.

John Pearce is a part-time Parisian but lives quite happily most of the the year in Sarasota, FL. He worked as a journalist in Washington and Europe, where he covered economics for the International Herald Tribune and edited a business magazine. After a business career in Sarasota, he spends his days working on his future books - The new one, Last Stop: Paris, is a 2015 project. It is a sequel to Treasure of Saint-Lazare.
For several months each year, he and his wife Jan live in Paris, walk its streets, and chase down interesting settings for future books and his blog, They lived earlier in Frankfurt, Germany, which gave him valuable insights for several of the scenes in Last Stop: Paris.


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