Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Monthly Recap: October

Hey everyone so thank goodness the month of October is finally over. I had a seriously terrible month and cried about once a week. It's seriously sad how much crying I did this past month. My lovely husband was defitely my number one cheerleader this month and helped me get through this month. Couldn't be more thankful that I have him. Grad school is kicking my arse in a not so fun way and I had to go back and forth two weekends back to back for assessment giving. Four hour drive one way so you can only imagine how tiring that was. Then the final week of October I had 11 assignments due on the same day. Yeah I about died. Anyway I'm happy that October is over. I honestly never want to think about that month again. Here is my month on my blog in a lovely summary.

Bookish Awesomeness:
Number of Posts:
Number of Books Read:
Number of Reviews:

Reading Challenges:
Here is the link to the full description if you're looking into what exactly this is or some binge ideas. I read next to nothing this month so that means my reading challenges suffered due to that.

 As you can see I still have one book left for the Ann Aguirre challenge.
I got another JLA books which means this challenge just added one more book. Sad but true so it's now 8 books out of 14. 
I got to mark two off of this challenge because I started The Ruining and it was just bleh to me and since I was barely reading this month anyway I figured "why waste my time reading something I don't like?" Same thing happened to Betrayal by Gregg Olson. I started reading Envy the first book in the series and hated it so now both of those books are off of this reading challenge list.

The end of the series books is needing an update. I want to get ALL or most of my open series that are FINISHED read. So here is the list of books that I've started and haven't finished.
Here is the updated version:
I am super happy I made progress on the previous list, but since I have started these series and haven't finished them yet, that is my goal for the end of this year.

I read six books from Netgalley. I am hoping to get to the exclusive 80%, but I'm about 30% away. Oh well. Going to keep chugging along since I continue to get new books every week. I'll get there.

Book of the Month:
I love Abby so I was more than willing to do whatever it took to get my hands on this exclusive book. Katie McGarry did not disappoint at all and I honestly want to reread this entire series again.

Book that Surprised Me:
I was so excited for this book and was surprised when it turned out to be a major dud. Sad but true and it happens.

Song of the Month

Books I'm Excited About:
There are more, but I got them for review.

What's happening in November:
I will be rereading the Hunger Games novel in anticipation of the final Hunger Games movie. I have a Thanksgiving break to look forward to and am bringing a friend from my cohort home with me since she's from Singapore and had nowhere to go. I am also going to be seeing a good friends of mine and will be doing a presentation at a high school in support of School Psychology Week. I'm going to be busy, but I think the worst is over and I am now getting ahead of my assignments so yay that means more time to read.

I hope everyone had a WAAAY better October than I did and I can't wait to see what books you get for November!

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