Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weddings, Grad School, and Puppies Oh My!

August was a very short month for me. Can't believe it's over but I'm having a great day!

The wedding: 
The hubsters is in the wedding so that was extra special!

We got a puppy:
This is our puppy Speedy McGee

I Started Graduate School and I am feeling so overwhelmed, but I am getting the hang of it.

On the Blog:
Number of Posts:
Number of Books Read:
Number of Reviews:
Reading Challenges:
My goal to binge read on: Anne Aguirre, JLA, and end of series books has been slow going. I can't believe how fast August has come and gone so that being said for all of these challenges I haven't finished any. Hopefully since most of the grad school stuff isn't until October I'll be alright, but we shall see.
Same as last months sadly.
 Sadly also same as last months and it's frustrating since I only have three left to read!
 This goal is probably the most important since I am trying not to buy anymore books until after I finish the endings of my series. Sadly I started some more series and thus added to this list, but I will complete this list.
I finished book One of the Soul Screamers books so I can get to three of the books on this list and thankfully four of the other books on this list are on another list so that'll be awesome if I can get through those since that'll be another 7 books off this list.

I finished 2 books from this list and while that doesn't seem like a lot, these books have been on my tbr pile for 4 freaking years so yeah I'm excited!

Best Book of the Month:
This book was a lot more than a romance story and dealt with a lot of issues that I truly enjoyed reading about.

What Book Surprised Me:
Okay don't hate me, but this book wasn't all that I thought it would be. I've noticed this a lot with JLA's books and while I would read her books even if she wrote about sock puppets because I enjoy the humor, but the rest of the book is declining for me and sadly that was the case with this book as well.

Book Crush of the Month:
Russel Hart from Make Me is a sexy kinda dominant construction worker who loves to help his friends. Definitely perfect book boyfriend material.

Song of the Month:
Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

Books I'm Excited for in September:
So happy I have so many of these books as ARC's already: Chivalrous, Undaunted, Fractured Suns, A Whole New Worold, Pulled Under, Sarah's Surrender, and Dirty Talk are all just waiting for me to read. Very exciting September.

Hopefully finishing books!

How was your month?
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