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ARC Review: Running Interference by Elley Arden

Running Interference
Cleveland Clash #1
Kindle Edition, 182 pages
Published by Crimson Romance
Release Date: January 19th 2015

As an offensive linewoman for the Cleveland Clash, Tanya Martin is tough inside and out. The 5’9” beauty can take a hit and keep on going. But when the man she was best friends with—and secretly in love with—in high school comes home the same day she learns her father’s gym is in financial trouble, she’s unexpectedly blindsided.

Super Bowl MVP Cam Simmons is only back in town to convince his mom to move out of her failing neighborhood and live in luxury with him in Boston. But running into Tanya stirs up plenty of old feelings he never resolved. He was happy to leave his old life behind him when he hit the NFL, but walking away from their friendship was a mistake he wants to rectify.

As they work together to help save her dad’s gym, Cam and Tanya’s easy camaraderie and undeniable chemistry resurface. But can she open up enough to trust him with her heart a second time around?

Reese's Reviews:
What Happens:
Tanya loves her fathers’ gym and when she finds out her father used his money to help her mother instead of saving his gym she’s devastated. Now she has to come up with a way to save her fathers’ gym without owing anyone money ever again. That’s where Cam comes in. Having spent his childhood at Tanya’s fathers’ gym growing up and he’d do anything to help out, so he sets up a charity that will bring in enough money and then some to save it.

The Characters:
Tanya is definitely a flawed but strong female character. She plays sports and works at the school as a gym teacher. However, she doesn’t believe that love can do anything besides hurt. Tanya had been in love with Cam since she was a kid and when he left without a word it hurt her. When he comes back she tries to put a distance between them since she doesn’t want to get hurt again, but that doesn’t work for long.

Cam came home for one reason and that was to convince his mother to move out of their small town and move to the city with him so he can take care of her. Except she doesn’t want to leave and now he has the whole summer to convince his mom to move and help Tanya out. When he realizes that he’s the one who has Tanya jaded and man hating he knows he needs to fix it no matter what.

The Romance:
Wow, totally swoon worthy hotness is all I have to say. Tanya and Cam are both hot for each other right from the get go. Tanya and Cam lost their virginity to one another and Cam needs to prove he’s gotten a lot better at the sexy times. It’s cute once the two finally give into each other how they can barely keep their hands off one another. Locker room anyone?

I enjoyed this book. I’m not huge into sport romances, but I do love a strong female lead who grows into her own as the story goes on and a hot guy who really sweet. The story flowed really well and I enjoyed reading from both characters perspectives. I did find this story a bit predictable which is why I couldn’t give this story a higher rating. Other than predictability I thought this book was a cute quick read.

Elley Arden is a born and bred Pennsylvanian who has lived as far west as Utah and as far north as Wisconsin. She drinks wine like it’s water (a slight exaggeration), prefers a night at the ballpark to a night on the town, and believes almond English toffee is the key to happiness.

Elley writes provocative, emotional, contemporary romances, where Mr. Not-My-Type ends up being Mr. Right.

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