Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's the May Recap

Hiya everyone! I honestly can not believe it's June already. Can you? This year seems to be flying by. Well let's not get ahead of ourselves right? It's time for the May recap.

Monthly Highlights
My lovely fiancee presented his research with one of his favorite professors at MPA (Midwestern Psychological Association). 

I gave a presentation at this symposium for research I'd been working on for two semesters.

I graduated from college! Go me!!! That's my lovely fiancee behind me who graduated with honors and cum laude. He's so smart.

I moved into a new apartment and got a new reading couch here are my lovely bookshelves with ALL my books on them. Well almost all:
I get to wake up to those beauties everyday starting August!

Number of Posts

Number of Books Read:
22 read and 1 did not finish.

Number of Reviews:

Reading Challenges:
My goal to binge read on: Anne Aguirre, JLA, and end of series books has been....a slow battle that I now have to put on a almost hold for the most part until August.

Last year I made a challenge in January about books I owned that I wanted to read here is how many I've finished:
Sad sad sad on this one. I won't be able to work on this one until August since I am planning a wedding at my parents house for the next couple months. 

Best Book of the Month:
All Broke Down (Rusk University #2) by Cora Carmack was such a fabulous book. I loved everything about this book and I can't wait to reread it.

What Book Surprised Me:
Revolution (Replica Trilogy #3) by Jenna Black the whole series was just amazing and then this books ending ruined the entire series for me.

Book Crush of the Month:
Silas Moore is a sexy beast and now my new book boyfriend. Silas is a sexy football player from Rusk University. Yum!!!

Song of the Month:
Best song EVER!!! 

June Books I'm Excited for:

What's Up In June?
I'm going to be dog sitting this adorable puppy for a week.

This is one of my greatest friends Chelsea who I met two years ago at a RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City Missouri. Ever since then we've been besties and I am going to be visiting her soon!

Having my bachelorette party this month, super excited!!

Also having my bridal shower this month. I'm not sure what someone does for those but there is going to be Better than Sex cake, the only cake I like will be there.

Book wise I am going to be READ READ READING every chance I get. Netgalley and Review requests are at the top of my priority list this month. 

How was your month of May? Read anything good? How are your reading challenges going? Any suggestions for bachelorette party ideas for people who don't drink?
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