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ARC Review: The Arrangement #17

The Arrangement #17
Series: The Arrangement #17
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Volume 17 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

There are choices that change a life forever. I know with complete certainty my life would have been very different if I'd chosen another path. But I didn't. I chose Sean. In the moments he's missing, the remnants of my world crumble. Peter is a pillar of strength, but he's still a Ferro through and through. If I don't go after Marty alone, I risk Peter reverting to the man he once was. If I do go alone, I may never come back. My life pivots on a pinhead, forcing me again to choose between logic and love.

Reese's Review
Well holy smokes I honestly cannot believe that just happened. Mrs. Ward has thrown me again. In the last installment Sean was kidnapped by Marty which so had me ready to kick some lying, cheating bootay. Then Avery gets to him and holy crap on toast things get weird from there. I don't want to spoil anything but I will say this, whatever you expect to happen when Avery finds Sean think again.

The mob, shootings, planned deaths, secrets, assassins, and evil woman are hiding everywhere. Mel may or may not be in on it. Everything and everyone in Avery's life is a big ball of mystery and this last installment will definitely be questioning everything you know about this series.

Awesomeness, we got to have some Sean time with a chapter all for himself. While you may wonder at the kind of man he is you don't have to anymore with the little insight we get. He's messed up yet, but he is oh so Ferro perfect sauce and you are not going to want to miss out of grabbing this latest installment of the Arrangement Series.

Avery as usual is awesome. While there were some installments in this series that had me second guessing my love for her this latest installment has completely wiped that away. She's facing a threat like no other and it's definitely bringing out Avery's survival mode. Her love for Sean is just as crazy and manic as before but I mean when you're in love with a Ferro.... Avery plans on figuring out what's what and saving everyone she can, including self-sacrificing Sean.

So Arrangement 17 is something amazing to behold. So much took me by surprise. This latest installment is definitely a wild ride. I loved every freaking second of this book and I definitely craving some more awesome Ferro time.

Final note and don't stone me but I am honestly ready for Avery and Sean to get their happy ending, which they need to get because they have suffered so much. I am ready for that too happen.

Best Quote of my life:
“Come on Mr. Poet, you already know the answer to that. Friends are a reflection of oneself. You might want to reconsider that thing you’ve got going on with Mr. Turkey.”

H.M. Ward is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling New Adult author, having sold over 5 million books since her debut in 2011.

This NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY, and Amazon #1 bestselling writer's series include: THE FERRO FAMILY: DAMAGED, THE ARRANGEMENT, and STRIPPED; as well as SCANDALOUS, TRYSTAN SCOTT, and SECRETS. Ward was recently featured in FORBES, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and the WASHINGTON POST.

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