Thursday, April 3, 2014

Acquittal Blog Tour: Author Top Ten Fav. Food!

Best friends Krizi and Kenzie are not exactly "normal" college students, though they seem to fit in quite well at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Krizi, who wants to be an investigator, is a Kalo, what many people know as "Gypsy", with temperamental psychic abilities. Kenzie, who still struggles with her just blossoming mystic capabilities, is the granddaughter of a Scottish witch. Just into their junior year, their apartment building mate goes missing. The campus officer assigned to the case happens to be the lazy one of the force, so the two friends set out to do his job for him. This decision changes everything and suddenly Krizi and Kenzie find themselves in the middle of not one, but two mysteries; and now, it looks as though someone is trying to stop them from learning what really happened. With their new friend and spirit companion helping them, will they solve the case? Perhaps more importantly, will they live to see their senior year?
Serenity’s Top Ten Foods of All Time

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala
  2. Samosas with mint-cilantro chutney
  3. Basmati Rice
  4. Pepperoni, bacon, onion & banana pepper pizza
  5. California Rolls
  6. REO Speedwagon sandwich from Erik’s Deli CafĂ© in Santa Cruz
  7. Crab Rangoon
  8. Red leaf salad with bleu cheese dressing and sunflower seeds
  9. Steak medium rare with baked potato
  10. Nectarine, kiwi and strawberry fruit salad with raw sugar and lemon juice
That all sounds so food!
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Serenity began writing short stories when she was 7 years old. She illustrated these stories as well, even though now she admits she can’t draw. Her parents would buy her extra school notebooks to write her stories in and her favourite place to write was under the carport during a rainstorm. She would sit at the picnic table and write for hours during summer storms. While still in high school, Serenity had nearly finished writing a full length novel. Unfortunately, the notebook fell out of her backpack during her Junior year (she believes on the bus) and was never found. Devastated, she turned from writing and threw herself into drama. For many years she participated in school musicals and community theater. She even had a very small (uncredited) part in the 2001 Tim Burton film “Planet of the Apes”. She did get to meet Burton though and said he was “eccentric but very nice”. She also did some modeling in the past few years and continues to pursue that venue as well.

During this time she began writing again for an online RPG game based on the show “La Femme Nikita” (one of her favourite shows of all time). Slowly, she began to have ideas for her own stories again but always found that the middle of the story was missing. She wrote the beginning and left it until her block was defeated. In 2013, Serenity started writing again full force.

Serenity is the wife of an author. She is mum to 3 boys, currently aged 20, 17 and 2. Serenity graduated from Cerro Coso Community College in 2002 with two Associates Degrees in Social Sciences and Humanities, then went on to graduate in 2005 from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Latin American/Latino Studies. She is a proud Banana Slug and a proud sister of Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority. In the little free time she has between family and writing, she enjoys gardening, reading, crafting things, henna art, and watching such shows as “Burn Notice”, “Covert Affairs”, “Warehouse 13″, “Law & Order SVU”, “Touch”, “Kitchen Nightmares” and others.
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