Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Recap

It's been a loong month. I had three weeks of non stop midterms, I attend a wedding for the second time ever which was super fun, had my first event in my position at school and a bunch of other stuff. Take a look:

Books I Reviewed:

  1. Avenging Amethyst (Immortal Eyes #1) by Kaitlyn Price (3/5 bats)-Review Request
  2. Phoenix by Raine Anthony (3/5 bats)- Blog Tour
  3. Parawars: Uprising (Parawars #1) by Caitlin Greer (5/5 bats)- Blog Tour
  4. On the Plus Side (Chubby Girl Chronicles #1) by Tabatha Short (5/5 bats)- Music Monday
  5. Treasure Your Love (Surrender Your Love #3) by J.C. Reed (5/5 bats)- Blog Tour
  6. Frigid (Frigid #1) by J. Lynn (4.5/5 bats)
  7. Beautifully Broken (University of Branton#2) by Nazarea Andrews (3.5/5 bats)-Review Request
  8. Daughter of Earth and Sky (Daughters of Zeus #2) by Kaitlin Bevis (5/5 bats)-Review Request
  9. The Iron Queen (Daughters of Zeus #3) by Kaitlin Bevis (5/5 bats)- Review Request
  10. A Shadow of Light (A Shade of Vampire #4) by Bella Forrest (5/5 bats)- Review Request
  11. The Arrangement #11 (Ferro Family) by H.M. Ward (5/5 bats)- Review Request
  12. Elemental: The First (Primord #1) by Alexandra May (3/5 bats)- Netgalley
  13. Executive Sweet (Westerly #1) by Sage Ardman (1.5/5 bats)- Review Request

Fun Stuff From October:

  • Went to a retreat and painted pumpkins:

On the back it says "Brown & Nerdy"

  • Went to a wedding where they had ring pops!

They were good too.

  • Had my first event as part of my role in the organization I help run which was really fun.
  • Took part in Make A Difference Day which is a National Volunteer Day which is super funtastic.
  • My computer broke...yeah that wasn't so fun. Sadly my hard drive crashed the week of my midterms so you can imagine my life was sucking pretty hard monkey butt at this point.
  • That being said about my computer I did actually get a sheep load of reading done while I had no computer so a positive thing did happen from this craptastic event.

Music I've Been Listening To:

Never Stop by Safety Suit (Both versions)

On My Way by Boyce Avenue

Salt n' Pepper Whatta Man

Dace Thomas Junior Can't Make You Love Me

Author of the Month:

Books in November I've Over the Moon for:

Wow I cannot believe it's already November. October went by so quick it's insane. Well I have an insane schedule this upcoming month with my month is busy busy busy with me having to finish ALL of my projects which there are about...6 or so projects. I have a lot of English books I need to read which means...papers. Plus my organization meets once a week for meetings, lead series stuff, and my event, others events, etc. My psych classes have papers, projects, pure credits to fulfill and exams. I need to make sure everything is done by....the 22nd. Yeah so it's going to be a busy month with lots of review requests to finish and blog tours coming out. 

*Sigh* Tired just looking at all the stuff I have going on but oh well. I promise unless my computer dies again I will be posting.

I hope everyone had an amazing October and can't wait to see everyone in November! Turkey and lots and lots of pie!
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