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Review Request: Jake

Title: Jake: Through My Eyes Book One
Author: Olivia Carter
Release date: April 29th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Freshman year is about to begin and Molly Parker couldn't be more unprepared. Still recuperating from her father's recent split, Molly entertains a fragile relationship with her mother while simultaneously attempting to define herself. Molly has only her best friends, Rae and Margret, guy-crazy teenagers who mean well, and the "hard-boiled" restaurant owner Cindy to confide in until she "accidentally" meets Jake. But as far as strangers go, Jake and Molly are the strangest. Together they unearth one secret that will change their lives forever.



My Review:
Molly Parkers life hasn’t been going well since her father left on a plain never to return. Now Molly only has her two boy obsessed friends and a fragile relationship with her mom. When their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere they find a sign and they run into a church and that’s where Molly meets Jake.  Molly and Jake hit it off and Molly soon can’t stop thinking about him. Now Molly can’t wait for Sunday mass to see Jake and soon they begin to delve into the secrets and pain surrounding their lives. Jake is Molly’s twin brother and Molly’s mother abandoned Jake when Jake’s father left. The two siblings reunited the siblings seek the truth about their pasts and hope to find some sort of future together.

*Sigh* I had high hopes for this book but alas the story has fallen short for me for a couple reasons. For starters there was so much fluff in the story. No character ever has looong winded thoughts like:

“I turned over onto my back, tossing the book I’d been reading into the waves of sheets around me. The plaster of ceiling beamed pure white at me and I imagined a cold snow.”

I seemed very unrealistic that anyone would think like that. Almost the whole book was like this with these overly wordy pages and pages of description for absolutely no reason.

Bleh Characters:
None of the characetrs had any depth. It was almost as if the characters had “deep pain” or “dark and painful pasts” but none of it was fully gone into and instead you just had to take everyone at face value.

So Jake and Molly even after they found out they were related would flirt with each other and it seemed odd to me even though Molly referred to Jake as her brother:

“I whispered to him. “Jake, if you’re really my brother, you can’t like me anyway…” Jake frowned. “Only you and I know about that…” I rolled my eyes “But if it’s true…” “So?” Jake asked. “I liked you before I knew it… and you liked me too…” I grabbed his hand and tugged at it. “That’s not true.” Jake looked down at our hands. I blushed and pulled away.”

That part seemed odd to me.

Overall Thoughts:
This story fell short for me for a lot of reasons and I felt the story was a tad short on having anything or any point. None of the characters were likeable or relatable and that made the story very difficult to like. I did like how the story wasn’t overly predictable but that about the only thing I liked. While I’m sure may people have enjoyed this story of mending a broken family I was not one of them.

Olivia Carter is a dual enrolled high school and college student residing in Arizona. She lives with her parents, younger brother, seven rescue cats and three dogs. She enjoys painting, photography, and looks forward to attending University with a major in ancient history.


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  1. This is discouraging. I had hoped more from this story as well. Thank you for your review

  2. Thanks for giving us readers an honest review. Love your blog, the design is incredibly creative.


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