Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TBR Tuesday #2

Hiya, I've been a reader for a long time and I always have books I own but haven't read so I came up with this here's how to join in the fun:

From your book shelves or your e-reader pick a book that you own that is still on your tbr list. You can post it however you want and I would love to see what books everyone has chosen so leave me a link!

As always, remember to check the comments where my beautiful readers share links to see the books that are on their tbr list.

And if you want to follow my blog let me know how you followed with a comment and I will promise you back 8)

My Choice:

 Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen #2) by Rebecca Maizel
Book Description: 
A new year is beginning at Wickham Boarding School. A new chance at life, at reversing the evil in my past. But nothing is ever as simple it seems...

Last year, the love of my life died performing a ritual to fulfill my one wish and make me human. And now I’ve performed the same ritual for my friend Vicken – and survived. Why am I here, back safe on Wickham campus?

The strong magic I used in the ritual did more than just make Vicken human. It drew someone to Lover’s Bay who does not belong here. She wants the ritual. Then she wants me dead. And she will take down any and everyone in my life to get what she wants.

As if that weren’t enough, the ritual has also summoned the anger of the Aeris, the four elements and most fundamental powers on earth. They have a surprise and an unbearable punishment for me – like stepping into the sun for the first time, only to be put into a cage. And now I have to make an impossible choice – between love or life, yearning or having, present or past…

Why it's still on my shelf:
Well Stolen Nights came out there was a whole bunch of reviews that said the book was bad. Generally I try not to read a review before I read the book myself but I did and all I saw were poor reviews. So now I'm not sure if I want to read it because I don't want it to ruin the series for me.

If someone has read this one what were your thoughts? 

SO NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! On your blog (and be sure to leave a link) and tell me what's waiting on your tbr pile.
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