Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Monday! What are you Reading?

Welcome to It's Monday! is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what you've read the past week and are planning to read the next.

Happy Monday everyone!!! I have been freaking lazy ALL last week. No lie I took about 6 hour naps after class, woke up, ate some food and went back to sleep. Yeah...lazy lazy lazy. Anyway hoping to do a lot better this week and maybe spice things up a tad. 8)

Last Week:
 Read but not reviewed...: Losing It by Cora Carmack!

Read & Reviewed Order of Dimensions by Irene Helenowski. I got this book last year at the end of October for a review request to give you a bit of insight on just how far behind I am with my review requests. I am kinda sorta catching up and have gotten a lot of them done but it's still slow. Anyway if you  are interested in reading my review of this book you can go-->HERE

I finally finished reading the Caster Chronicles. After going to see the movie I was like OMG I have to read the last book now. So I finished it and am happy to report that I totally enjoyed this book a lot more after I saw the movie. I get a lot of the humor in this last book than I did in the other books after seeing a take on the southern humor live. So...I suggest you see the movie cause it's awesomesauce and check out these awesome books. Beautiful Redemption (Caster Chronicles #4) by Kami Gracia & Margaret Stohl. 

This week:
Reading this currently and hoping to get a review up by Wednesday! Crossing my fingers. Faded (The Faded Trilogy #1) by Chloe Miles

I received a copy of this book a while back when the author asked my to review another book from her and had got a bunch of other books before I got this one so I am officially getting to this book! Yay me almost four months later. 8(
Five Shades of Vampire: How I Became A Vampire's Mate by P. Bayliss

Multiplayer by Tom A. McFerson. Got this for November it looks like...oops. Well hopefully will be getting that done by the end of the month 8)

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  1. I really like how The Caster Chronicle books ended too. I need to see the movie to get that southern humor you elude to. I hope you enjoyed Losing It!

    It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 2/25/13
    LisaILJ @ I’ll Tumble for YA


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