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Author Interview w/ Brittany Severn

Shadowless by Brittany Severn
All Quinn Murdock wants is to get her soul back.
With no shadow and no reflection, life in a small beach town poses its risks.
Her supernatural roommates try to keep her feet on the ground, but they also keep her head spinning.
When a human named Conrad Archer moves in, the mystery of Quinn's stolen soul grows deeper as does her affection for him.
But when a conflict arises among the roommates, Quinn realizes they all might be more dangerous than she had originally thought.

 Hello, today I am interviewing the author of the upcoming book Shadowless Brittany Severn! She is also the author of Fooled to Death. Shadowless is a stand alone as is her first book. I asked Brittany for an interview and now here she is so without further ado:
Author Interview:
  1. What gave you the idea to make the Shadowless? I was walking with some people one day and the sun was at just the right angle so everyone had three shadows and I thought, 'How weird would it be if one of us didn't have a shadow?' And then my mind went into overdrive and Shadowless was born.
  2. Have you always wanted to be a writer and if not what was your dream career? No. I always loved reading and writing, but I didn't start writing seriously until I was 18. Even when I was writing more seriously, I never thought I could be a full-time writer. I thought it would have to be a hobby. I actually got my degree in Criminal Justice and I had every intention of joining the FBI's CyberCrime unit until I realized I wanted to be a writer. If the CyberCrime thing didn't work out, my backup plan was to train police dogs.
  3. Do you have a favorite aspect about writing YA or any type of novels? I love the audience. I love how diverse it is. You have younger people reading the YA genre and you have older people reading it. 'Young Adult' is the label, but no one pays attention to it. I love that. I love being able to write a genre and know how many different kinds of people read it. I think YA is the perfect genre.
  4. Did you have a favorite novel growing up? If so did that novel have any impact on your writing? Tuck Everlasting was a novel I re-read a lot growing up. I had outgrown my childhood fairy tale books and there was something magical about discovering a 'fairy tale' for older kids. Something in my mind clicked and I realized that just because I was growing up, it didn't mean I had to stop believing in fairy tales and magic. Tuck Everlasting opened that door for me and I never shut it. That novel is part of why I love writing things that can't be true. It's nice to believe that maybe, just maybe, they could be.
  5. What is it like writing a novel come out so early in the year? It's exciting. When one comes out at the end of the year, I feel like I have to promote it and be done by New Years. Having one come out so early makes me feel optimistic about having the whole year to get Shadowless where I want it.
  6. Who was the hardest character to write and who was the easiest? Conrad was probably the hardest. I had to figure out how to write a 'nice guy' character and I hadn't had much experience with those. I read a lot of romance novels and made lists of qualities girls would like in a boy to get a grip on what Conrad should do and how he should talk. Quinn was the easiest, no question. She's a mixture of people I know in real life and I had no trouble figuring her out.
  7. Did you find any difficulty writing the romantic scenes? Yes! Mostly because I knew my parents were going to read them. My first draft had some steam in it and I just couldn't bring myself to put it in the final draft. So I turned the heat down and made the scenes 'cute' while still leaving the romance in.
  8. What for you is the hardest part about writing? Wondering if people are going to like it. I've always been told you should write for yourself and not worry what the audience will think, but that's really hard to do. I've gotten better at it over the years, but that voice still hangs in the back of my head and I find myself over thinking some scenes and dialogue because of it.
  9. When you aren't writing, what are you doing? I watch series on Netflix over and over again. I've seen Everybody Loves Raymond and McLeod's Daughters from beginning to end about 4 times. And I, of course, read a lot.
  10. After you completely finished Shadowless, who was the first person to read it? I gave it to both of my parents, but I think my dad finished it before my mom.
Thank you so much Brittany for stopping by and giving this awesome interview!! I can't wait to read Shadowless!!!
To find out more about Brittany Severn check out her: Goodreads page

To get a copy of Brittany's book:
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