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Blog Tour: Dead Harvest

Dead Harvest: Discreet Demolitions Vol. 1 by Jeanette Battista & Tracey Phillips
Someone’s been raising the dead and it’s J’s job to find out who. As a detective operating in the Underworld, J—with her powers of shadow manipulation—is uniquely equipped for the job. What she isn't counting on is the help of an escapee from a mental institution who seems to attract trouble just by existing.
It’s up to J and T—two very unlikely allies—to find the necromancer and bring him before the Underworld Balance Magistrate for judgment before the human world gets wise to the dead walking among them.

 “I need you to buy us time!” T yelled, and J nodded, then gestured at a demon that was

trying to climb through the window. A shadow-port opened and it dropped into nothingness.

“You’ve got about 15 seconds before it gets back,” J said flatly, “and it’s going to be

really upset.”

“Just keep putting them down until I can pick them off,” T replied, and returned her

attention to the hole in the wall just as it gave way completely and the huge demon from the front

porch burst onto the lawn with a roar.

T managed two shots before the demon reached her, knocking her completely off of her

feet with one massive backhand swipe. The Glock flew from her grip and was lost somewhere in

the tall grass, and T braced herself for an attack that didn’t come, as the demon stepped toward

her and then vanished into a port. The redhead leapt up then and sprinted over to J, retrieving the

shotgun from the ground in front of the other woman and spinning around just in time to see the

first demon J had sent away returning through a shadow-port directly in front of her.

T brought the shotgun up and braced it, then squeezed the trigger, firing the remaining

round. The blast slowed the demon enough for T to swing the gun around in her grip until she

was holding it by the barrel like it was a baseball bat. She swung it as hard as she could at the

demon’s head, and was rewarded with an impact that made her teeth rattle and her hands tingle.

The demon went down to one knee, stunned. T followed up with another equally powerful blow

to its head and it fell over and lay still.

T emptied the chambers of the shotgun and grabbed two more rounds from the pocket of

her sweatpants. It took several seconds, her thicker fingers and tighter clothing making it difficult

to grasp and manipulate small objects. She reloaded the shotgun, her eyes on J who was standing

still, arms slightly outstretched, head turning from side to side as she tried to anticipate where

the demons would be coming from. T saw the port forming behind the brunette before she did,

and called out a warning in time for J to sidestep a smaller grayish demon who charged at her,

holding a red canister aloft.

In T’s experience, the color red usually meant flamey explosive goodness. She aimed and

fired both barrels without thinking and her suspicions were confirmed as both the gas canister

and the demon holding it went up in flames. “That’s three!” she called out over the screaming,

sparing a moment to appreciate the demon’s conversion into a flailing, running ball of flame.

Dead Harvest was definitely different than anything else I have ever read. The characters were extremely well developed and written. Each with their own back story and personality that made the story worth reading.  There is a lot of action and the character point of view changes regularly to get each characters view of the events. 

I had a hard time getting into this novel at the beginning. Many of the characters past and theplot felt all over the place. However, after reading a bit longer I got into the book a bit more and have to say for one of my first zombie books it wasn't too much gore for me. 


Where to purchase:
Price: $2.99
ISBN 13: 9781301709304
Price: $7.99
ISBN 13: 978-1479337231
ISBN 10:1479337234

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