Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review Secrets (Secrets #2)

Secrets (Secrets #2) by H.M. Ward
Book Info:
200 pages
Published August 25th 2012

Synopsis: (goodreads)
 Sexy thoughts about Cole fill Anna's dreams. Every detail burns brightly in her mind; the way his hands feel on her bare skin, the soft brush of his lips against hers, and the way their bodies fit perfectly together. Anna awakes breathless, tingling as if it really happened. What caused her to think about Cole like that? It was completely forbidden.

And Anna didn't feel that way about him, at least she didn't think she did. Cole was fun to flirt with, that's all, and the sexual tension between them was normal, right? Everyone has that from time to time with some super-hot guy. It made sense. Her mind was just telling her that she needs a boyfriend.

But what if Cole's the right guy? What if he's right there and Anna lets him slip through her fingers? Cole's more than she bargained for, with enough sex appeal to make Anna realize everything she's been missing.

*Warning: This novel has sexually explicit content*

Each volume tracks a different stage of Anna and Cole's relationship. 

My Review:
So I decided half way through Secrets Vol. 1 that I needed to buy Vol. 2. Boy oh boy was I right. I swear Secrets is filled with so much sexual tension, I never know what's going to happen.

During Secrets Vol. 2 Anna's attraction to Cole skyrockets. She can't get enough of just being with him. While she thinks he feels the same way she isn't sure. Which makes her second guess everything about herself. Then he offers her a job. A job that she doesn't think she wants, a job that she thinks is demeaning to everything she stands for. Until Cole shows her differently, after he does she wants to everything about his artistic style, by delving into his world all the more, making him open up. Cole and Anna still struggle with their attraction to one another, and while she's willing to do anything and everything for him, he continues to shut he down. Anna doesn't know why he keeps shutting her down again and again, but she knows something is going on, and she needs to find out what.

Honestly I could not put this book down and read it in one sitting. It's riveting, and compelling, and will have you at the end of your seat even at the last page. Hope you pick up your copies!!!

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