Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Sitter Review

The Sitter by Sharon Hawes
A horrific event--the deliberate drowning of Stevie Connor by his sitter, Larry Cutler--starts this thriller. Stevie’s mother Jeannie is overcome with grief and her suspicion that Stevie’s death was not the accident Larry describes. Increasingly troubled, Jeannie begins to search for answers, risking everything to learn the truth about what really happened to Stevie, and the growing threat to her family that only she can see. 

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 The Sitter starts out in the perspective of Stevie who is on a fishing trip with his baby sitter Larry. In the first chapter Larry drowns poor Stevie, and the story progresses from there. Most of this story is in Jeannie Conner's perspective (the mother of Stevie). Jeannie deals with a lot of grief and anger over her sons death and can't shake the feeling that something isn't right with his "accidental" death. While looking into his death, and into the life of Poor-Larry-Cutler her suspicion grows. While Jeannie is looking into Larry's life more and more strange and horrible occurrences are happening and all the fingers are pointing to Larry. However, it seems that Jeannie is the only one making these connections, and at some points she begins to question her sanity. 

The Sitter changes perspectives between; Larry Cutler, Jeannie Conner's, Steven Conner's, and Catherine Cutler. I think this helped a lot with finding out more and more with who the characters were. You never had to guess what was going on in their heads, and how each individual person was coping with their life.

Overall this book is well written. Not overly descriptive, with just enough dialogue. There is a lot of stuff that happens in this story and it will keep you wondering what will happen in the end.

Although this book had a lot of good qualities, this book was just not for me. To me the characters were not likeable, or enjoyable to read about. However, I did enjoy having the opportunity to read this book and other readers have liked this book.

Here's what others have said:

The plot has twists and turns that kept me riveted and reading   on . P. Pruitt  |  3 reviewers made a similar statement  
The story is very well written and has excellent character development. Carol  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement
The characters are so well defined, never were you left to wonder what made them tick.

 Rating: 2 and a half bats.

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