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Review of Lunangelique

Lunangelique (Lunangelique #1) by Kristen R. Campbell

For Alexis and Alex life has been great. They have loving parents, great friends and live a life every teenager dreams. However, they are adopted and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who their real parents are and not wanting to hurt her adopted parents. Then, a stunning guy moves across the street from them. One who has a secret past and seems to know things about Alexis. One who does mysterious things and leads her to other mysterious persons. One who pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family and the truth between mythology and religion. (Goodreads.)

 I wasn't entirely sure what I thought about before I started this book what I thought. I absolutely love the cover, I think it's so beautiful. The synopsis wasn't much to go on, so I wasn't entirely sure if I would like this book. However, considering I got this book as a review request I decided to just go for it.

I am happy to report that although I had previous skepticism I absolutely fell in love with this book. Once I started it, I just could not put it down. Honestly one of my favorite books this year.

Kristen Campbell wrote extremely realistic characters, as well as an extremely realistic world. I have to say I've never read a story quite like this one. I feel as if she completely twisted what has been done with angel stories and completely redid them. Although Lunangelique is the first book in the series, it wasn't just an introduction into the characters and supernatural world. From the first page readers will be thrust-ed into Lexie's world. Explanations aren't all inner dialogue, they're explained naturally with the story.

I truly fell in love with Lexie's character. You know in some books, where it's painfully obvious what creatures the other people are, or even if it's not painfully obvious in the beginning but there are clues. Then the main character just says it's nothing and when she finally finds out it's this huge shock? Well Lexie is not like that character, and Lunangelique is nothing like that book. Lexie knows there is something going on a few chapters in. Lexi is an extremely likeable character. She's a funny character, strong, independent, thoughtful of others, and when she gets a boyfriend although she does spend a lot of time with him, she also finds time to spend with her friends. 

Speaking of Lexie's boyfriend, he is a serious hottie, hunk of a swoon worthy man. Seriously when Lexie first saw him, and started describing him I'm pretty sure I was drooling...a lot. Not good when my boyfriend was sitting in the room with me. He's completely sweet, and adorable. He brings Lexie flowers, and isn't a complete horn dog. The cute couple do actually go on a lot of dates too which was awesome, as well as hang out with her family.

Needless to say if you haven't already guessed since it's a series, there was a moment at the end that changed everything. I have to say I was crying and screaming "NOOOO!!!" at the top of my lunges after I finished reading it. It was completely upsetting, and I am now dying to read the second book.

I don't want to say much else, because that would be spoiler-y, and I don't like spoilers. If you liked my review, or decide to pick up a copy of Lunangelique let me know what you think.

I feel as if everyone should read this book, ASAP. With only 214 pages it's a quick, yet amazing read. Plus you need to support all the amazing Indie authors out there and Kristen Campbell is one of them. To find out more about the author and her books visit her website HERE!
Favorite Quote:
What? Now that we put on my movie, you want to distract me?” he jokes.
Mm, hmm,” I reply as I continue to kiss his neck and work my way to nibble on his earlobe.
He groans. “You do not want to do that,” he warns.
But I take it as a challenge and continue to nip and pull his lobe gently with my teeth. “Why not?” I dare him.
His response is blindingly fast as he lifts himself up and over my body while simultaneously locking my wrists together over my head with one of his strong hands. He leaves me breathless.
Because, it’s torture and I’ll have to be forced to torture you for retribution,” he answers my dare. He leans over to kiss me but in the last minute switches tactics and starts to tickle my sides instead.
Mercy, mercy,” I squeal as I thrash around underneath him, laughing uncontrollably. 

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  1. Great review! I loved Lunangelique so much and it is definitely one of the best books I've read this year for basically the same reasons you listed.


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